A day in the life: kickboxing!

Hi everyone! The past few days have been crazy, fun, and busy. but I have to say, MY ENERGY IS RETURNING!!! I have had the week off, and I am determined to get things done around the house and get my workouts in! This is how my days have been lately…..

6:45 Wake up and eat breakfast with Andrew

8:00 Go over to my parents and take care of their animals (they are at the beach!)

My parents dog, riley and Mr bubbles. long lost friends


8:30 Start my 3 ten minute DVDs. I haven’t missed a day and I am feeling SO strong! I also love how they give me energy for the rest of the day!

9:30 Work on kitchen. I have been scrapping, sanding, and will some day start Repainting these darn things.

hot. mess.
hot. mess.

It has been taking HOURS a day! They better look AMAZING!!!

Then there is lunch, pick up Andrew, and homework. And then kickboxing! my cousin and I bought a groupon for a boxing/kickboxing class and it is an amazing class! I am sweating within the first ten minutes, and it is always fun (especially when I picture NOT nice people. they will remain nameless haha)

holy hot mess!
holy hot mess!

yep. so this week I have completed all the DVDs and two kickboxing classes. I feel amazing. I also have been eating really well, and my appetite has gone DOWN. not sure what that is about. Maybe that darn tumor. who knows! haha

So that is what I have been up to lately. I have also been trying to stay off the computer and away from the TV. Only once Andrew goes to bed, unless I need to check something fast. I am trying to check up on blogs, but it has been so nice to step away. My camera lens also broke, so these were taken with my phone, not too bad for a phone from the 90s haha.

I love my blog, so I will definitely keep the updates coming!

Question for you:

Do you find it hard to unplug?
Have you ever tried kickboxing?

Giggles before the MRI

After an early morning trip to the hospital, for my very first MRI, I went to visit a graduate NICU patient.

cool paper clothes haha
cool paper clothes haha

He has been out of the NICU over a year, and I still visit at least every week, just love that little guy. I also LOVE his foster mom. Who listened to me, and was supportive when I just started bawling when I walked in the door. I guess I was trying to be strong, and not deal with the stress and it hit me all at once. Can’t wait to hear the results!!

(rewind to Thursday night)

Since my test was early enough that I had to be awake at 5:30am, and be there at 6, Andrew spent the night at my parents. And then the laughs began……..

My nephew is such a hoot and LOVES the BLUES


My parents dog, Riley, apparently does as well haha140227_001


My dad being silly…


I will say these laughs, talking to several friends about my worries/concerns helped lifted my spirits. My dad is retired, but he was an CT tech at a hospital here in St Louis, and talked with a few of his buddies who told me not to worry. This “fat mass” on the kidneys are common and it is probably something I had since birth.  Here’s to praying its fat! haha

Question for you:

Who is the goofiest person in your house?

Sweet and salty

After four 12 hour shifts, and not sleeping because of the break in, I was SOOOOO excited to sleep in till 9am. Can you imagine when I used to sleep in till noon. Those days seem so long ago…..

Then it was time for breakfast and a long bike ride!

First, I had to take my guard dog home


It felt great to get outside, and even though my legs were super tired, I was so happy to have a day off

The rest of the day was all about relaxing, and then Andrew was home!

He has been gone for the past few days with his dad, and I have greatly missed him.

Now its time for some popcorn, wine, and Harry Potter 🙂


Question for you:

What is one thing you do to relax?

Weekly Workouts

I hate to start a blog on a negative, but I just have to say, I didn’t workout much at the end of the week because on Thursday (after working a 12 hr shift and going to the gym) I came home to find that a stranger had been in my house. Luckily, no one was home. So the past few nights I haven’t slept AT ALL. But, on a good note, I have been spending more time with this fellaP1070716b

P1070704  P1070717

This is my parents dog, who is staying with me because it makes me feel safe. He might not look vicious, but he is a pretty good guard dog.


ANywho…..on to the workouts!! I did really good at the beginning of the week 🙂

This week I was really feeling the workouts. I was also trying to be active with Andrew, and around the house. Working in the backyard works off a lot of calories!!!

Sunday: rest

Monday: 1 1/2 hrs of tennis with Andrew

Tuesday: Angela’s workout, back yard work

Wednesday: 30 min of tennis, back yard work

Thursday: 40 min elliptical (after 12 hr shift)

Friday: rest

Saturday: rest

Still four workouts in a week- I’ll take it!!!

Question for you:

Have you ever been involved with a break in or robbery?

-Why do people do that?!?! i just don’t get it, I guess I never will.

Another house, and dog…and cat…

This title is probably not what you are thinking. Andrew and I are not moving,  getting a dog or a cat. But in the past 12 hours, we have come to have all three. My parents are able to go on this AMAZING trip to Paris. And as a result I’m stuck with this little guy, Riley.


 So far he hasn’t left my side once. (I think he is still wondering where my dad is!)

Not only will I be taking care of my house, water my plants and cutting the grass. I will also be doing this at my parents. My mom even left me this post it note under the plants in the kitchen haha

 Along with taking care of Tiger Woods (cat) and Riley. Well, we have made it 12 hours………we’ll see how this goes. It’s not looking good haha

The day started with a trip to the gym. I have to workout in the morning, otherwise, at night it would NEVER happen. Then it was time to head to the aiport. My parents will be traveling for almost 12 hours EEEEKKKK (but I’m still jealous!)

I also made them each a card that they had to read on the plane WHILE they were in the air

(part of my dad’s said “PLEASE. don’t wear socks with sandles” haha)

(part of my mom’s said “If you see something you like BUY IT! We can’t go back and get it later”haha”)

And a picture, just so they don’t forget what we look like 🙂

Question for you:

Are you traveling at all this summer?

Do you have any traveling traditions?

-If my family is going on a plane, I always write them a letter. I like that they have something fun to look forward to on the plane.

Tuesday Randoms

My Tuesday was so random and I wanted to share!

Riley became famous! He is on Carrotsncakes “blog Dogs #1″ !! He is the 4th one down

Someone brought in books that we could take home FOR FREE! I grabbed three that seemed to interest me

Karen, who is a good friend that I work w/ in the NICU was diagnosed w/ breast cancer a few weeks ago. Today was her birthday so we sent her a few messages at home. Also, Scott made these bottle cap messages that we put on our badges. He has to make more that is how popular they are!!! He did an awesome job!

I also am half way through the second book after The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

and I have a pretty cool bookmark thanks to Andrew!

Question for you:

What is something random going on in your life?



I am now OFFICIALLY looking for a new camera. My mom took her’s, so no more pictures 😦

And it makes me sad not to take pictures everyday! (haha yes Im a dork. and I did a lot today!)


  • Sleep in
  • Call Ameren UE
  • Call Direct Tv and AT&T
  • Go to Trader Joes!!! (best part of my day)
  • Go to dentist to have papers sent to new dentist (I HATE my old dentist. And I had to pay 10 bucks for them to send them! jerks)
  • Got dressed up (no sweats) and did my hair
  • Laundry
  • Homemade pizza with andrew (used trader joes pizza dough- DELICIOUS!)
  • clean house 😦
  • Took Walk with Riley

SOO I took my parents CRAZY dog for a walk today.

Not only did this dog TRIP me on our walk, and make me completely wipe out! (thanks)

Then I went to pick up Andrew, and he growled at everyone! (and pissed off some guy!)

Finally, I bring him back to my parents and he throws up.

Needless to say. We are not friends right now

Question for you:

What camera do you suggest?

– I just want a point and shoot- less than $200

What pets do you have?


Today was another blah day, but I made it through.

Before taking the WONDERFUL long and painful CPR class at work, I ate my fav egg sandwich w/ PB and banana.

Then finally home to hang out with my little dude. Of course that was cut short, because we had to take my dog riley to the vet

tired from a run

It wasnt a big deal, but he has been itching like crazy and his skin is BRIGHT red. We think he has allergies.

He was nervous while we were there, stayed RIGHT by me and yelped when the vet came in
Sorry its blurry, he was moving around like crazy!
At least we did have some nice wall paper to look at….

And of course this lil fellow came along

then it was time for some poison.

Ok not really. Just a green smoothie. I wasn’t really hungry for dinner, but I wanted something smooth and cool.

LIKE ICE CREAM?? well considering I didnt work out (besides playing some bball in the front yard)

I knew I needed to eat something healthy. I do want to be in the 180s this week!!

I am only 1/2 way through! Ive been listening to some rockin’ music

The website I have been using is groovesharp.com. YOU. NEED. TO. CHECK. IT. OUT. Its awesome

I just made a country playlist. Im having one of THOSE days haha

SPEAKINNNG of songs.

I was told to listen to this song by my ex. That this is how he feels about me

Never be the same by REd

sorry I wish I could put the video up here, but I dont know how 😦

(rewind) We have been talking recently about how we still feel for each other. Nothing has happened. I think we are both just trying to talk and figure out whats going on, before doing anything.

Anyway, we are suppose to get together and talk. but I told him that he can decide when and where…..that was this morning (still no time or day) and Im getting antsy already haha

Andddddd Ive listened to this song about a million times

Question for you:

1.) Do you have a song that means a lot to you?

2.) have you eaten something that doesnt look too good, but turns out awesome!


 I woke up this morning begging for a little more sleep….no luck 😦

Breakfast was an oatmeal pancake I found here Katheats.

I made a few changes, I used a whole egg. Added pumpkin and pumpkin spice.

For the topping: I mixed chocolate protein powder and peanut flour and water.


Next was church and a play date for my son.

While, he was at his friend’s house, I went to the gym to run intervals. I know it was absolutely gorgeous outside, but I knew I would be a wimp if I ran outside. I also took the P90X test. Ill post them tomorrow, and then in 90 days Ill retake it.

Lunch: Left over pizza and cucumbers.

 I also had another bowl of cereal….yup addicted

After that, it was cleaning time….and someone stole my camera.

Here is the evidence::::::::

After cleaning, I tried to rearrange my blog and worked on my ABOUT ME page.

Some apple/cheese snack

For dinner it was Ribs from sams, blueberries and greenbeans

Then theres this guy sitting right next to me while I blog…

Question for you: 

What is your favorite pancake toppings?

Dad’s Birthday Part Two

Another crazy saturday.

Started out with a bowl of cereal (fiber one, kashi, chocolate protein powder, milk, and PB). Forgot my banana- DARN. but still good 🙂

Then off to the gym, after scraping four inches of snow off my car to go to the gym with my friend. We were taking a new class, I love having a workout buddy!

Then I shoved with the “help” of my dog, Riley

For lunch it was a repeat of dinner, chicken pasta sauce, provolone cheese, peppers, and mushrooms.

Then I had a TON of trail mix. It looks like I measured it….but went back for more…and more

Expiration 21/oct/ 20011,

sorry trail mix you wont last that long

Time for birthday celebration Number Two with the whole family!

Turkey burger, potatoes, and salad

Burger also had cheese, pepper, tomato, lettuce, and ketchup. YUMMMY



Of course I had some of the chocolate cake I made and some cookie dough ice cream

  • Question for you:

Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla cake?

I like vanilla with vanilla icing