Instead of babies, rugs

The babies are here!

My sister in law was induced yesterday (was supposed to be at 8am, told her not to come till the afternoon) So by the time I was leaving work at 8pm, things were starting to get interesting. Unfortuantly, I couldn’t be there, had to be home with Andrew who had school today. I’m pretty sure I harrassed everyone that was at the hospital, but I didn’t care. I was seriously having issues not being at the hospital.

Instead of freaking out being bored, I decided to rearrange some furniture haha. I mean, what else is a girl gonna do?


Well, about a week and a half ago I decided to bit the bullet, and buy a rug for the dining room.

Rugs are DAMN expensive! So I have been shopping around, just waiting and waiting. Finally, RUGSUSA had an 80% off this rug, and I jumped to it!

I have been watching the tracking for the past few days. It is a $450 rug, and I got it for $180. SCORE!!!

DSC_0112 DSC_0113

I even got it into the dining room, and unrolled, and the table on top all by myself. (ok. I was impressed by that haha)

What do you guys think? Ok. Baby news to come tomorrow! (I hope the suspense won’t kill you haha)

Question for you:

Who is the decorator in your family?

What is your least favorite chore in your house?

-I hate cleaning the bathrooms, especially with a boy haha

Preparing for the blizzard..with shopping

Most people are preparing for snowmageddon, yep. Its a real thing and apparently it has already hit Kansas. With snow in the forecast, I did what any normal person would do I went shopping. For house decorations. haha

First, I started out with rugs.


I have NO IDEA how this happened. I blame pinterest (again) also has most rugs 50% off with FREE SHIPPING! I want this one for the dining room


And before I knew it, Andrew and I were heading out in search of a rug for the living room……

We started with Home Goods. left with these baskets. The glass vase was from Marshalls


These will both go on the bathroom shelves…whenever they get put up….


Home Goods also had this beautiful pot that will one day house a plant for the living room

one day will have a "home" somewhere in the living room
one day will have a “home” somewhere in the living room

Garden Ridge was next and is amazing. And the winner for finding a perfect rug!

IMG_1167 IMG_1166

And only 100 bucks! (sorry the pictures are so dark)

And finally Target


A new lamp shade:



might need to get the bigger one
might need to get the bigger one

All of it so far…..


After a couch, chair and curtains and the room will be complete! I know it sounds silly and doesn’t look like much by the pictures, but I have been wanting to get this room together for a long time. It is the very first room that meets our guests, and now it is becoming more inviting! almost time to have more visitors 😉

Question for you:

What room do your guests walk into?

Favorite store for home decorations?