Fixing a few things

After working the past three days (and a rough three days at that. and im not talking about the sugar), I woke up and took Andrew to school. And then it was back to bed for me. I needed it. And it was awesome!!! Im glad I did, considering what was to come….

Then it was time to hit the gym. I ran 30 minutes and then hit the weights. While lifting, I got hit on by an older gentleman. And by older I mean about 50.
I thought man. If the younger men talked to me as much as the older, I wouldn’t be single haha.

After lifting, I noticed something wasn’t right

It is the ring my mom gave me when we went to Ireland last year.

I guess I was lifting harder than I thought haha. Nothing my little pliers couldn’t fix.

I then tried a new recipe. W/ coconut flour.

They didn’t turn out. I don’t think Andrew and I will ever like something w/ coconut flour. We must try almond flour- I wonder if trader joe’s has it?

Around noon, I got a call from Andrew’s school. He was running a fever and his throat hurts 😦

PLEAASSE no more strep throat! Weren’t we just at the doctor?!!? Oh yes. We were!

Verdict: no strep. Just sore throat. No fever.

Soooo Andrew and I had a night in of pizza. (I made it flat this time)

Can you guess which side was mine?? haha. and left overs for tomorrow!

Then ice cream while we watched the Dolphin Tail. It was actually really cute.

It is also my friend’s birthday- so we made this video for her!

(still don’t know why wordpress wont let me post the video on here)

Question for you:

How was your Friday?

Have you ever tried coconut, almond, or peanut flour?

-I LOVVVEEE peanut flour


A million directions

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling the blog.

I worked all day and then I felt that I was getting pulled in a million directions. I had a text asking if I could help out family, I had many phone calls about my parents dog and cat (that I am taking care of), and I have to train for this darn half marathon!

My parents are out of town this week, so I am the lucky on that gets to take care of their cat and dog. So the dog doesnt have to stay in his cage all day, I have to be at my parents A LOT. which means my house is completely ignored. (which stresses me out) I have a million things to do there.

So last night, I took the night off. I got a great nights sleep and got up at 830 and went on a 7.5 mile run!

before the run I had a PB and banana bread

The run wasn’t pretty. But I did it.

I then enjoyed a protein blueberry smoothie

Now Im watching Ghost Adventures (checking out my future husband haha)

Andrew is going to his dad’s for the afternoon, so I think Im going to take a nap. Then hit up Michaels and Hobby Lobby. I also need to update you on, but that will have to wait. Later!

Question for you:

If you had the whole afternoon to yourself, what would you do?

– I would take a bike ride, take a nap, and have a $1000 to spend at target haha, then have a pinic with andrew. Ending with ted drews!