I wanted to get my Christmas cards sent out, so I borrowed my mom’s camera card (where all the pictures were held) And there were some other good pictures there to share!

Last year, when my parents built a HUGE snow fort with Andrew


My apparent “baby hog’ skills at work 🙂DSC_0679

Justin’s late night snack


Andrew also has a countdown for Christmas (just in case I forgot)


When the babies were only a few weeks old, my mom and I were watching all the kids. including mine 🙂 We decided to take everyone on a short walk


(I really wish it was still this nice outside)

My brother and his fiancee got there save the dates out! April is just right around the cornerDSC_0330

The boys playing, must have been helping with the engagement pictures haha


Other randoms, I just ordered the “Sound of Music LIve” Dvd. Did anyone else watch a few nights ago?


Question for you:

Anything random going on with you?

Glad it is winter, or ready for Spring?

-I Am ready for Spring! I really dislike the cold