Clover Wedding

Over the weekend, I was THRILLED to be apart of my best friends wedding.

My friend Jessica and I meet first in college for nursing school.

Nursing School Graduation 2008

We have been best friends since 2005

When she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids, I was so excited!

So on Friday, my friend Carolyn, Sarah, and I headed for Springfield IL for the wedding of the year!!!

When we arrived, we got some snacks!

And the bride took several people out on the four wheeler. Dont worry, they wore hats to keep their hair all pretty 😉

THEN it was time for the wedding runthrough!And then the rehearsal dinner

It was GREAT being with the girls. I swear it doesnt matter how long we have been apart, we just pick up where we left off.

It was then time for bed!




7am panera bagel and banana

8am Got our hair done (it took 3 hours for 7 people to get their hair done!)

my hair

the bride

 12:00 PICTURE TIME! this was when the photographer took EVERY POSSIBLE combination of pictures. I cant wait to see them!

2:30 Stuff food in face. pasta, veggies and dip, cookies, and fruit. (yep I ate it all. come on I havent eaten since 7! haha)

we also, took a few pics while waiting haha

3:00 WEDDING!!!!! I did cry when I saw my best friend walk down the aisle. I am so excited for her and her husband Matt. They are truely madly in love.

4:00 On the trolley to take pictures at the capital!

Then it was STRAIGHT to the reception!

After some incredible food, speeches, and first dances.


The girls even made some awesome new friends. The groomsmen had the same sense of humor, and loved to dance. we had a blast!

We also got a little silly with the picture booth….

(yes. In college we called eachother the Fab 4…..just go with it haha)

needless to say I am SO happy for my best friends and her new husband!

Jessica’s Bachelorette Party

 the blog is finally here!

This past weekend, I traveled to Springfield, IL for my friend Jessica’s bachelorette party. She is getting married in May and I am lucky enough to be one of her bridesmaids!

I arrived in springfield and chatted with my two best friends, Jessica and Carolyn.

Jess and Caro

We then packed one car to head to the hotel (she lives 40 minutes out of town). While packing, THIS DIASTER happened haha. Im not allowed to carry the alcohol anymore haha

Party FOul #1

Our hotel was decorated so pretty (sorry for the stuff everywhere)

Snack buffet ready! I made the cupcakes (white cake + diet white soda)

Then the drinking and getting ready began!

The bride!
I made this cup!
After getting all fancy (Im on the Right), we started the night w/ an Irish Car Bomb.
I have never had this before
The girls!


We then went to dinner and a FEW bars. Here are some pictures of the evening

Me and Caro
Dancing the night away!


Lets just say the next morning was a bit rough. My head hurt JUST A BIT

On the way to breakfast at 7AM! I got this great picture

Had a big breakfast of an egg sandwich and hashbrowns.

 Also LOADS of diet pepsi and WATER!!!

Caro and Jess
me and Jamie


It was a great night to celebrate with my girlfriends.

I can’t wait for her wedding!

Question for you:

Have you been apart of a wedding?

Have you ever been to a bachelorette party? What did you do?