Easter Egg Wreath

The past week has been a little rough. Today started out with cartoons w/ Andrew, but then I went to church. A great new church with my friend Chrissy. Her son is in school with Andrew.  And while there, I started crying. No joke. I have been really stressed about a lot of things. I am still exhausted, and this weight is not coming off. I am feeling overwhelmed.

Onto happier things. I ate alot better today and I even got in a pinterest project (and much faster and easier than the bathroom idea haha)

My brother’s girlfriend Melissa and I both wanted to do this wreath project!

First row

second row

Then place a few on top to cover holes

Final step is to place grass into spaces

Andrew took the picture of Melissa’s.

With his three star wars Easter Eggs haha

Ready for Easter

Andrew getting out of the way for the picture haha

Question for you:

Do you celebrate Easter?

Will you do any crafts?

 I would love suggestions 🙂

star wars visitor

The day started out with breakfast, and a visit from a star wars guy!

He has been wearing this NON stop. and we got it from target for 4 bucks!!! talk about a deal!

Andrew is feeling much better, so he headed to school and I then took a nap. I have been beaten down by life the past week and just needed more sleep.

After that, I laid in bed thinking. What should I do? Go to the gym? Bike ride? YES bike ride!!! Well the weather was not on my side 😦

The leaves were beautiful! the clouds, not so much. So I got my bag and headed to the gym! I got nice and sweaty on the bike and then did 30!!!! minutes of weights.

I absolutely dislike weights. Mostly because I quit too early. I have no one to push me. But today was different. I pushed myself.

I then worked on a home project. I can’t WAIT to get these up on the wall! They are just a little beat up.

The rest of the day went ok. But I was still snacking A LOT.

Dinner was the pot roast

Wish it had more carrots 😦

Then Andrew and I made a dessert from fannetasticfood.com

Both those recipes to come tomorrow!

Question for you:

What exercise do you do when it is raining?

celebrity crush

Breakfast was the usual

Lots on the TO DO LIST: kohls, target, and jcpennys

At Kohls I got an american flag, necklace, easter decoration, and kitchen rug for $7 BUCKS!!!! I had $10 mailed to me and when I returned kitchen towels, I got $15 back.  Love getting deals

Lunch was leftover spinach salad and watermelon. And then it was off to my house! My dad and brother have the ceiling and 2 1/2 walls up, just 1 1/2 to go!

ceilinginto the dining room
into the living room

I also got my garage cleaned out. And by that I mean I moved the finished cabinets to the basement to give more room out there.

I then attached this part of the back yard.

all the ivy on the left is gone. I saw lots of bugs and worms and I didnt scream once haha

I will show updated pictures, when i attack the rest!

Then it was time for yoga! Oh boy did I need this. I even accepted downward dog, which im not the biggest fan of.

ANNNDDD then this might have happened

Yep. more banana bread.

Even better the second time around. I added vanilla extract this time,  more yogurt,  and baked for 25 minutes. It was moist and perfect.

Now I am watching Star Wars Episode III: revenge of the sith. Yes I have a small huge crush on Hayden


Question for you:

Do you have a celebrity crush?

I also updated my recipe page– check it out!