First trip to the ER

Last night andrew went to bed at 6:15 (thats 515 daylight savings time) WEIRRDDD. But I thought he didn’t get a lot of sleep Friday night, so he was just exhausted. OHHH was I wrong.

This morning he woke up saying he couldn’t hear. His forehead between his eyes also had a bruise with swelling.

Andrew has a history of ear infections, but this just seemed different. He didn’t have any of the usual symptoms. We were worried that his sinuses could be clogged or it could be worse (esp. since that bruise showed up w/ no explanation)

So we headed to the ER. And we waited until it was finally time to be seen. They also swabbed his throat.

 Well the tests came back, and he has an ear infection AND strep throat. (we still dont know about his head) we just need to keep an eye on everything. and we started antibiotics.

Felt bad for the little guy. So while he was watching Ice Age, and I ran around and did laundry. I even washed the sheets. ANDDDD my phone. Yep. I washed my phone with my sheets on accident. And I was pissed. Now another thing going wrong!

Now my phone sits in a rice grave trying to be revived.

 Here’s to a better tomorrow!

Of course, andrew and I did have fun comparing his throat with my throat. Maybe he’ll be a doctor 😉

Question for you:

Any ER stories?