Another day at the cabin

After a great first day at the cabins, I was up bright and early for another day at Sam Baker. I started my day with a run! (more on that later)

We started the day with eggs, bacon, and cherries- YUM


Next up, another bike ride where we found other early risers

P1070783b P1070784bMr walking pants (named by my nephew)

P1070812bMr slizzers (name by Andrew)

The rest of the day was spent at the river


P1070815b P1070855b P1070816b

Catching tadpoles


And relaxing in the water

P1070848b P1070835b

Of course, we ended the day by the fire

P1070793bWe definitely had a great time at Sam Baker.

Question for you:

Are you a morning or an evening person?

-I definitely feel more alert at night, but my body seems to think 6:30 is always a good time to get up haha

Another quickie

Andrew and I were out of town yet again (not that I’m complaining AT ALL)

We headed out of town for the past three days. Another quickie vacation

P1070797b P1070851b

I swear I will have more on this tomorrow, but it is time for bed. I work tomorrow, and I need to get some sleep so I can start the weekend right!

Question for you:
What are you doing this week?

Where is your favorite place to go for a long weekend? (or quickie vacation?)

Lake house

Every year in college, the friends and I would head to the lake house once in the summer for some shenanigans haha

This was taken when I was pregnant!!! And it isn’t even the whole group.

College 2004
College 2004

(I am in the green shirt)

I still talk to everyone but two of the guys in this picture. We are all still really close!

I drove down with my friend Charlie, we relaxed for just a few minutes- then we hopped on the boat!

time for the boat!
time for the boat!

We had so much fun!

P1070747 P1070746 - Copy

best friends for ten years.
best friends for ten years.

(yep thats me in the background)

Out to go swimming

P1070748 P1070749

We had such a beautiful day, and you guys know about me swimming to the buoy before it got too dark


then it was time for a bonfire! and lots of giggles


I headed to bed around midnight. thats as long as I could make it haha

I could wake up to this every morning….


The morning started with zucchini bread and watermelon 🙂


times 2 And lots of coffee

It was a VERY quick trip, but I am so glad we went. I was able to relax, and catch up with friends. I definitely needed that.

Question for you:

Any last horrahs before school starts? (or Monday for those who work haha)

Do you still hang out with friends from gradeschool, highschool, or college? Or new friends in life?

PIYO and Giveaway winners!!

Man. I have been all over the place! Yesterday, I got up at 4:30 am again to complete Week 4 before my 12 hour shift. I felt great yesterday getting up early and all day I never felt sluggish. I think I found my new workout time haha. WHO AM I!?!?!?

I then went to my parents, and watched the Opening Ceremony with my parents and my “second family” the Cupp family, that have been my parents neighbors since I was 12. They are family to me, and have been through so much with me the past 15 years! We had a blast talking till 10. We just had to watch the United States walk into the ceremony.

They always look like they belong on a yacht. But, I guess that it just Ralph lauren’s style. What do you think of their outfit?

Then this morning, I meet Annie at the gym for a 15 run on the treadmill and then a piyo class. I haven’t taken a class at the gym for awhile. This is a combination of pilates and yoga. It was awesome! My legs were shaking the whole time, but there was also lots of stretching!



The giveaway was super easy! I had three people respond, so three people win! wahoo!!! Angela, Amy, and Tammy send me your address and I will let Goodbelly know ASAP so we can get you the vouchers! I love giveaways!! Email me at 🙂

Question for you:

Did you watch the opening ceremony?

What sport will you be watching the most?

-swimming for me!! (I secretly hope Ryan Lochte beats Michael Phelps in the swimming events…we will see!)

Diving board

Today, was an extremely blah day. I did make it to the gym, I ran 2 miles and then biked 9. I felt great until about 1pm. I couldn’t get out of my funk! I’m worried that my vitamin D level is screwed up again. I just feel down and tired, but for no reason what so ever! I’m over that feeling haha


Andrew and I decided we needed to get out of the house. so we headed to the pool!!!

Andrew decided on his own (just yesterday) that he wanted to go off the HIGH diving board!

I was SO proud of him!

He is swimming like a fish!

Now I just need to get him to stop holding his nose…..

Any  suggestions?

Dont forget the giveaway!! you only have until friday night when I pick a winner!!

Question for yoU:

-At the pool, would you rather just sun bath, go down the slide, diving board, or the lazy river?

Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone had a great fourth! I woke up at 6:30 excited to see Andrew. He has been at his dads the past two days, and I missed him!

I then went to the gym for another circuit training- Week 7. There is a reason it was week 7…IT WAS HARD!!!! But we finished.

Grabbed one or two of these 🙂

We then cleaned up, and headed to my brother and sister in laws house.

I brought the watermelon!

The boys played…


Swam in the pool…..

And ate cake (as did I!)….

I also enjoyed some frozen drinks 🙂


Question for you:

What is your favorite fourth of july memory?

-I love going to see fireworks

calling all lifeguards

Today was just one of those run around town kinda days.

It started with coffee, and a walk around the park with Andrew. It was a great way to start the morning. Followed by his baseball game.

Then it was pool time!!!!! The first of the season. And since it hit 95 billion degrees outside, it was perfect 🙂

I like this picture with the water in front of Andrew


Got a pedicure with my mom and sister in law

The boys joined us for dinner, where I had pizza and then ice cream. And I was doing so well on not eating junk today…darn it

My tree finally came home too! For my birthday, Andrew my mom got me a hibiscus tree. And then my mom got another for just ten bucks! My parents potted them for me, and  are now “home” on the deck. I love them, and can’t wait for them to bloom

Question for you:

What are you doing for Memorial Day weekend?

Do you go to a pool during the summer?

Double Jointed

well, well, where has the time gone! I have actually taken the past few days off. But, I have been reading my friend’s blogs. I just needed a break, a lot has happened this weekend. The good. The bad. and the plan O’ ugly. haha

I went swimming again on Saturday at the lake in New Town. I look forward to going, whenever I can actually make it! (darn work keeping me from the water! haha) this time, I went three times around the triangle for a totally of 1.8miles.

The first lap around, I tried to just “warm up”. Well….I ended up having a little bet with myself. I wanted to see how many people I could pass during that first lap. (8 by the way haha) So by the third go round, my shoulder was feeling a little tight.

I have ligament elasticity which basically means, I’m bendy. haha. That is how I explain it to my friends. You may have heard double jointed.

factsheet image

© 2011 Nucleus Medical Media, Inc.

I have hypermobility when it comes to my joints. “Symptoms of laxity are sprained ankles (I roll my ankles all the time. This might be why I fall all the time..) shoulder dislocations, knee effusions and back problems.”

I have all but the knee effusions. Touching the floor with your flat hands and touching your thumb to your forearm. I can even pop my right shoulder out of socket. (which, funny story, I was at the gym one day I was popping my shoulder out of socket, but didn’t realize I was doing it until I looked up to see a guy staring at me like what the heck are you doing!! Oh to freak out the people at the gym)

I will say I am not as impressive as this guy, but this never really seemed to bother me until I started swimming. And when I get tired, I tend to pull my right hand to my left shoulder when I am swimming freestyle (I cross over the imaginary line) which makes my shoulder hurt more.

(here is how the pros swim)

I found this out in highschool when I really hurt my shoulder, and had to do kick sets THE. WHOLE. TIME. It was fun for about a day, then I was over it.

Question for yoU?

This makes me excited for the London olympics! Will anyone else be watching?

When its just too quiet….

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Mine started w/ being oncall for work 😦

Luckily, I didnt get call in and I made it to Andrew’s basketball game. Which was HILARIOUS. next time I will have to post a video. They are just starting to learn the rules. I laughed for 45 minutes straight. I love basketball and played when I was younger, so it is fun to be on the other side (although, I would love to play again)

After the game, Andrew went to his dad’s 😦

But I didn’t sit around. I headed to the gym. I am defiantly feeling a difference, now that Im back to kicking booty. I usually run or bike for 30 minutes and then hit the weights. Before I would only do cardio, but can tell that the weights are helping. I have even had three different people ask if I lost weight. I don’t think I have, but I just feel I am carrying myself better.

Saturday night was spent w/ some friends from highschool. We had mexican and some margaritas! I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures. SOOO not me haha. I wore this outfit, but with different shoes


Anywho, my Sunday started out like this.

I layed in bed till 10. AHHH WHAT! Then it was time to catch up on blogs (in my pjs) and then I hooked up my new printer. I actually got a lot done. While watching Bewitched. Love this movie w/ WIll Ferrel and Nicole Kidman

Then it was gym time again. I actually saw a guy working out on the machines. He was a pretty buff guy. So I might have watched him a time or two. He then walked over to a lady on one of the machines and told her he had one more set to finish. and she got off. Im pretty sure my jaw hit the ground. I mean WHO DOES THAT! haha. He may have seen me shaking my head at him….

The rest of the day was spent being bored. Really. It was quiet. And I hate quiet.

Also, got my hair cut. Makes me think of Jennifer Aniston for some reason haha

I was also rocking my SMS swimming shirt. (yep. I still wear tshirts from my college. But I didn’t graduate from SMS, but I guess thats another story for another day) (I thought of HOLLY and NikKi )

Man. I look tired

I also decided I needed a way to chart my progress, so I printed off a calendar (thank you yahoo!) I want to keep track of workouts and weigh ins. Well see how this goes…….

Question for you:

What did you do this weekend?