In my belly

Yesterday, I ate everything in sight. I couldn’t figure out what was going on (except that I didn’t get any sleep. I was feeling BLAH from not working out) ILLNESS UPDATE: Andrew is not throwing up and no longer has a fever. My lymph nodes are still large throughout my body, but nothing hurts. I just feel really really tired.

SOOO today,  I decided to keep myself accountable and show you guys what I ate.

Breakfast: Egg, PB, banana sandwich

Lunch: Leftover Cheesy Pasta and grapes

Dessert: Wonton Wrappers + cinnamon/sugar (not healthy AT ALL)

Snack: Apple and colby cheese- YUM

Dinner: Taco Bowl w/ milk

Dessert: Yo My Goodness Fro Yo

Andrew and I really enjoyed it!


Carbs: 200

Fat: 76

Protein: 86

OK. HOLY MOLY carbs. I did better on the calories than I first thought I would do. That meal for breakfast 500 calories!! EEK!!!!

(any advice. recipes. I will GLADLY take them. Im a sponge- give me info haha)

Question for you:

What is something you had today?

Love Fro Yo?

Speed Demon

Doing a VERY quick post tonight. I am off to my neighbors’ (shes like my lil sister) dance at her school. Then swim practice.

Breakfast started off with a jar of Oats, LOVE better than peanut butter!

I also had two clementines, you can start to see the apples again! haha

THen I went to Whole Foods. THE BEST store EVER (alittle expensive) but I get my PB, yogurt, and soy milk there

THis is the sticker they gave my nephew, who I watch on my days off.

Lunch: turkey burger, last one 😦 with ketchup, red pepper, lettuce on an arnolds thin

…and two more clementines- I WILL eat all of them haha (if it kills me)

Dessert was a HUGE bowl of cereal, PB, and soy milk….

…….Then I snacked the rest of the day……….

pecans and dates

swedish fish

animal crackers

bread and PB

Dinner was a small taco salad

Well now Im off to swim practice in the HOPES of burning off all the calories I ate today. I seriously COULDNT STOP!

Question for you:

How do you stop  cravings, over eating, or emotional eating?