Rewinding the past few days

I have been a pretty bad blogger the past few days. It has been so crazy, that I even didn’t eat a lunch on Friday. (mostly just random things here and there)

(rewind to Thursday)

I headed out for a Mexican dinner with my cousins, and close family friends that I have known since before grade school. I had a billion chips and salsa, along with a margarita


(rewind to Friday)

On Friday, I was running nonstop for a get together with work friends that I was hosting at my home. All the errands, and cleaning up from the tornado that went through Andrew’s room was because I was having some girls over.

I ALWAYS have a blast with them. I feel like I can be myself, and we talk about EVERYTHING! Not only that, but they are the most intelligent, sarcastic, and inspirational group I know. I always leave work in a good mood because of them. I feel better about myself just  being with them. I swear sometimes they are my free psychiatrists haha

(Finally Saturday)

Andrew and I headed to the gym (my eating/working out has been horrible) After that we headed to a friends to help my friend Chrissy. Not only to lift her spirit, but to head to Target (some of  my finds)



Later, my friend Jessica and Sarah from college came over to catch up with each other.

And the weekend isn’t over. Tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day, so make sure you have your leprechaun name!


My name is Thunderous McKnobob

Question for you:
What are you doing for the weekend?

What is your leprechaun name?