A day in the Life

Recently, I have seen on blogs how they past their time throughout the day. This day WILL NOT be boring, I promise you. Andrew and I were more on the go today, then the past 7 days put together haha

Last night, I had it all mapped out 🙂 Yep, I’m Type A haha


6:55am Alarm goes off the first time, the for the next few minutes I lay in bed dreading before getting up

7:10 Breakfast with Andrew. Feed the cats. Make LOTS of coffee. And get ready for basketball

DSCN0304Travel #1

7:45 Arrive at Andrew’s basketball game where they practice, play, and WIN!


9:10 To the gym for a good sweaty rowing workout (will post tomorrow)

10:15 Back home for a quick shower and we both have a wardrobe change haha


11:00 Leave for the COLDEST tag football game EVER (I might have lost a toe haha)

DSCN0318Andrew is the kiddo with yellow sleeves hiking the ball

12:45 Head home, where we attempt to warm up with hot chocolate and the heater!


2:00 Make some DELICIOUS chocolate chip blondies to take with us to my brother and future sister in law’s house

DSCN0335even my “won’t eat healthy food” brother loved them! haha

3:00 Wardrobe change #3! And we are off!

3:30 Helped address the wedding invitations for their wedding!

4:30 Time to roll to church and Andrew’s boy scout ceremony


4:45 HOPEFULLY arrive at church on time

9:00 Arrive home for the FINAL time. No more leaving, but we do have a final wardrobe change into pjs 🙂

Question for you:

What are you up to this weekend?

Are you ever so busy, you have to make a TO DO list JUST for that day?

What I ate Wednesday: Favorites

Tuesday started off like many days, Andrew waking me up way to early breakfast! I have been on a banana pancake kick

With my TO DO LIST to attack!


First, I made it back to my 10am class at the gym. wahoo! feel the burn

Lunch was another favorite!

spring salad
spring salad

And shortly after that, my go to snack


A colorful dinner!


Followed by a blueberry scone that my mom makes with our blueberries from <a href=”https://livinlifeinlouie.wordpress.com/2013/07/25/michigan-activities/”>Michigan.


She really should open a scone shop! haha

Question for you:
What is one of your favorite eats?

Checking things off the list

So far party planning is wearing me out working out! With a few changes…..

blue are finished, and orange are things that got added to the list!

Planning for the party:

  • Monday: work, clean off Andrew’s desk
  • Tuesday: Work, (dad mowing grass!) Order pictures for bathroom frames.
  • Wednesday: 8-12 work. Target. Bank . pick up basement, chairs and tables from mom and dad’s, mulch front yard, flowers, Catholic supply

IMG_1436IMG_1439 only one injury today…. haha


Plans for tomorrow….

  • Thursday: Order sandwiches, Sams, party city, walmart, get vitamin d, pick up around the house

Question for you:

What do you have planned for tomorrow?


Favorite Things

The past few months, I have found some new items around the house that I wanted to share!

  • Ok this is not a new thing, but I LOVE trader Joe’s flowers


  • Andrew’s ribbon to celebrate his 1st communion in just a few weeks


  • Clearance at Target


  • New neutrogena shampoo and conditioner. You use once a week to get build up off your hair


  • Trader Joe’s chocolate. Because really, when can you go wrong with chocolate



  • Making my To Do list for the first communion party (2 weeks early. thanks OCD haha)


Question for you:
What is something you are loving lately?

How is your weekend?

Calendar or memory?

My goal for today, to get a billion things done. I made out a long list of things to get done by next week, because Mr. Flowers will be coming in town 🙂

  • Andrew’s singular
  • Sam’s
  • Dollar store
  • garden ridge (I heard they have amazing rugs!)
  • old navy shorts
  • Andrew/my hair cut
  • school clothes/shoes
  • Paint door
  • School supplies/pack book bag
  • return target/homegoods
  • Spray tan
  • Pay bills/file papers
  • clean the house

I started by painting the front door (its finished and getting put up tomorrow!!!!)

I then received a text from a work friend. We were suppose to meet at 10am at the park with all the kiddos. OOPS!!!!

This is why I have to make lists and my life is written down in my calendar!

I can’t remember what Andrew and I are doing three days from now, let alone a week. But I always have things as they should be. I always have to know where Andrew is going to be when I work.

Today, I ate horrible!!! Lets just say Mcdonalds, which I haven’t had in YEARS! So this weekend, I work, and I will be hitting the gym before my 12 hour shift. The only two things on my schedule (I double checked it already haha).

Question for you:

Do you use a calendar or use a mental calendar?

What is your plans for the weekend?

Tuesday Randoms

My day was a little bit all over the place. But that keeps things interesting 🙂

Tiffany, Angie and I have been emailing about this marathon. Of course, I found this and immediately thought of them

How about something funny?

I can’t believe how awesome the bathroom floor looks! My brother put the grout down today, and I will seal it Thursday. Then the rest of the walls and trim will go up 🙂

I had this “little friend” visit me. It scared me and was HUGE! The size of a sand dollar

I get to take care of these tomorrow….Wish I could stop my mail so I don’t get bills anymore haha

Perfect snack after an awesome workout! Thats right! I worked 12 hours than went to the gym (more on that tomorrow)!

This stuff is awesome!

Question for you:

What is your favorite post workout snack?

Its time to take a nap

Today was a little stressful. Well it started last night when I talked w/ Cody and he has to head home this weekend, so no date 😦

I was am bummed. But we have other plans to meet up.

So this morning, I wasn’t in the best mood. And then Im still dealing w/ my bathroom sink 😦 ….. or lack there of……

I grabbed some coffee. Took Andrew to school. and headed to Sams. Then my dad went to my HOME AWAY FROM HOME……Home Depot.

Of course, the cabinet that was there was SO tiny (since its a tiny bathroom) and I will either have to make it myself, order something, or do something completely different in the bathroom. (anyone else see all the $$$$$ flying out the window.)

DEEP breath.

Ok. Im better.

Those are fake flowers from walmart $0.50! and the vase and rocks from Ikea (my <3)

The whole way home from my second home, I was thinking. I need to run. I need to run.

I could feel the stress level RISING!

And that is exactly what I did. A nice and easy three miles in the 50 DEGREE WEATHER we are having here in St louis. And I am absolutely LOVING!

It was awesome. And then it became perfect when I took a nap.

I have a BILLION things on my TO DO LIST. But I put that all on hold. I needed the rest and “me time” (you guys know I have problems w/ this sometimes. but Im working on it!)

Sorry for all this, but Im going to leave you with a happy picture of Justin the Elf!

Question for you:
what is the temp like where you are?

Are you running, biking, swimming, or just chilling this winter?

new goal and recipe!

The day started at 8:45.

Thats right. I got to sleep in!!!! WAHOO!!!

Andrew was at my parent’s, spending the night there with my nephew.

After a quick breakfast of yogurt, granola, and strawberries it was time to run.


yep. I hit the pavement all my own. Just me and the IPOD. NO garmin.

I didn’t want to always be looking to see how far I ran, or my speed.

I ended up finishing 3 miles and it felt pretty good.

It was shower time and time to get pretty. My goal, when I am not working, is to not wear sweats. I have to wear actual people clothes,  and wear my hair down too. (at least for most of the day haha)

So far so good.

Maybe I will start putting some fashion pictures up! haha

Then Andrew and I had some lunch and some “hang out” time, before his soccer game.

I had leftover pizza (thanks mom!) watermelon, and leftover potatoes (with LOTS of ketchup)

I had a really NASTY banana. So whats a girl to do….make banana bread!

Recipe tomorrow!

I also found some new decorations from my living room table at walmart.


With one set that I got at home goods

Didn’t like it. So I added some from walmart.

Im not sure what I think. I think it needs a candle, and less of these.

what do you think?

Then dinner was breakfast. Andrew had pancakes, and I had an omlet

and banana bread for dessert.

Then it was time to get down to business. I had a HUGE to do list to accomplish. And so I set up in the dining room.

dont mind the beer. that was motivation. haha

Question for you:

Where do you get your decoration ideas from? (do you like what I put on the table- or try something else?)

(ps. did you notice the new blog look- do you like? or like the old?)