Day 4: tooth fairy

Happy Wednesday! We woke up to have breakfast before school and andrew started complaining saying there was metal in his eggs! And why would I do that? I of course was really worried, until he spit it out, and we realized it was his tooth 🙂


He has been working on the bottom guy for weeks!


On to eats……….

Another successful day. I did eat a few fries at dinner with my parents, but im ok with that.


Breakfast: eggs, broccoli, peppers, and bacon

Plus coffee! and protein coffee

Lunch: cauliflower mash

Snack: lots of honey roasted peanuts, babybel cheese, and some chicken

Dinner: buffalo chicken salad from Joey B’s

Lots of the same food for the past few days, just making my way through leftovers. Grocery store tomorrow!


Workout: t25 abs. Did not have the energy for total body haha. tomorrow. also mowed my parents grass. Got almost 12000 steps!

Question for you:

What was your favorite thing you ate today?

What workouts have you been doing?


Playing catch up

Where in the world have I been!?!? I didn’t realize that I have blogged in three days. Maybe because a lot hasn’t happened, or MAYYBBBEE its because I have been working and then watching the Olympics WAYYYY to late.

Some things that have happened over the past few days…..

My parents are getting their bedroom put back together! It is starting to look great! (I know my dad is ready to be done. He is working non-stop)

Andrew is losing teeth like no tomorrow! But I’m glad he won’t be the only 2nd grader without teeth haha

I found this quote on pinterest as well

Mr Flowers update: For someone I haven’t even met yet, there is definitely a connection. I love talking to him and I can’t wait to meet him August 16. That is the plan right now haha

Question for you:

Which Olympic sports are you watching?

-I am watching swimming and gymnastics

Is it cooling down anywhere in this country?!!?!?

-It was 103 here!!!

A few new things

After the late night with the tooth fairy, Andrew and I were pretty tired this morning. That’s right, Andrew lost his third baby tooth last night.

But of course we were able to make a Target visit, and get way too much stuff we didn’t need 🙂

First, we grabbed thank yous for Andrew’s friends. Aren’t they so cute!

I grabbed this coffee. Different coffee brand, some flavor. It was OK. I’m not sure I will buy it again

NEW VITA TOP FLAVORS!!! I love vita tops and I have never tried these kinds before. Verdict: the banana choco chip are delicious!!!

And cashews. Because I just love them haha

Question for you:

Why is it that when you go into target you always walk out with a million more things than you planned?


Remember yesterday. when I said I hit the snooze button multiple times before work?. well….. I slept through that alarm (and the 2nd I set just in case) and I woke up at 6:35. (normally up at 5:50)

I was beat from work yesterday, and slept through my alarms. I never do that!

I usually leave my house at 6:15. Today I left at 6:45.

SOOOO that would mean. I was late for work, but only by 7 minutes. I ended up clocking in at 7:07. Darn it.

(that comes down to getting up at 6:35, work at 7:07.  No too shabby, but still a red box on my time card. Darn it.)

Even though my day started off a little rough, I didn’t let it get me down and I had a good day. Same sick baby as yesterday, but he was having a MUCH better day.

And then I got a GREAT phone call.

Andrew lost his second tooth!
(its the small things in life)

And then after picking him up (and searching for his tooth because he lost it- no luck) we changed into our PJs and watched part of the Cardinals game in my bed.

Well we wrote a note to the tooth fairy, so hopefully she remembers 🙂

Question for you:

Do you remember losing your baby teeth? Did you leave it for the tooth fairy?

Have you ever been late for work?


On saturday, I was able to celebrate my birthday with several family and friends.

Besides the amazing trimmer from my parents 😉

I also got some amazing wine from several friends

But the best present, was Andrew lost his first tooth!

I was so excited and so was he! After putting it under his pillow,

the next day he couldnt stop talking about the silver dollar she left! haha

Ive had my share of tooth issues, but this is a good one!

What did the toothfairy leave for you as a kid?