On saturday, I was able to celebrate my birthday with several family and friends.

Besides the amazing trimmer from my parents ūüėČ

I also got some amazing wine from several friends

But the best present, was Andrew lost his first tooth!

I was so excited and so was he! After putting it under his pillow,

the next day he couldnt stop talking about the silver dollar she left! haha

Ive had my share of tooth issues, but this is a good one!

What did the toothfairy leave for you as a kid?

Knot in my stomach

I was having a really good day. (except for my tooth hurting whenever I ate)

I stayed away from the candy at work(four days- candy free haha)

Then it turned …..

My son’s father asked if he could take our son back to his house for dinner tonight. No prob. when I got home from work, my son informed me that there was also a girl there.


For some of my blog friends, you may not know I have had trouble with my ex. Two years ago, I ended a 6 year relationship. Engaged from four. It was the right thing to do. He wasnt the future husband I wanted, and he wasn’t a father to our son.¬† He was actually going to leave stl, because he didnt want to live here anymore. And he was leaving with or without me and my son.¬† (hence why I finally ended it)

Now I think. Why is he still in stl? Was it not about stl, it was just about me?

But now. Even two years after breaking up, I still have a knot in my stomach.

I know I deserve the best. I deserve to be happy.

Ok enough of that stuff.  haha

This morning at 4am, I woke up from a nightmare dream about what color I will paint my kitchen. Yup. No lie. haha.

This house stuff  (inspections,papers) need to get finished. I need to sleep! I keep waking up in the middle of the night thinking about everything!

Then I found this


(deep breaths haha)

I have never painted my own room, or picked what color to use. There are so many! I know its only paint, but its MY house. (weird to say) Maybe Ill have you guys help me to pick out colors!!!

Question for you:

What is the color of your kitchen?

(ps I think I decided on a yellow green for the kitchen haha)


I cant sleep. I have a lot on my mind. A lot going on.

Im thinking about the house. It gets inspected on Wednesday. What if something goes wrong? What if it doesnt pass? If it does, I have to pack (all my stuff!!!) buy stuff (more money) paint (well thats fun) ….the list goes on and on. I keep waking up at night thinking about how I will be alone with my son. I have never lived by myself.

Also, my tooth has started hurting. After the antibiotics, the pain is back. Pain meds help a little, but I can hardly eat. Im not off work till wednesday, so I have to work through it.

My son has a double ear infection. The last time, they talked about putting tubes in.

Im sorry if this sounds like a lot of complaining, its not. I just have a lot of worry right now. Most of it is about money. I just had to get all my feelings out.

I hope I can sleep through the night!!!! Lately I have been waking up around 3am, either in pain or from my mind turning.

Question for you:

How many hours of sleep do you need (want)?

-I try to get at least 7. All i know is, I want to get my tooth fixed wed and then Im taking a nap!!!!

No tooth fairy and House

Well Im back and pain free! It seems the antibiotics ( for my tooth that has been killing me) must be working! So at the moment, no need for the tooth fairy haha

Today I was actually able to eat food with texture! instead of oatmeal, cereal, and ice cream


2 eggs, spinach, and american cheese omlet. On the side I had yogurt, banana, and PB. (I didnt add apples, I would afraid it would kill my tooth)

I then went with my parents and brother to check out a HOUSE!!!!! I have been looking for a house for the past couple of months, but never found THE ONE. Well I think I found it!

 I came home and ate lunch.

Yummy cereal while checking blogs!

and then I went AND PUT AN OFFER ON THE HOUSE!!! They have 24 hours to let me know if yes, no, or a different price. Ill let you know!! ūüôā

Then it was nap time. and my son to come home! He was at his dad’s this weekend and I am ALWAYS SO glad when he gets home!

For dinner we ordered in from my favorite restaurant Biggies

salad, fried chicken, and tomato

I MAY have also taken some toasted ravoli from my son.

So I didn’t work out today. I really wanted to, but I was feeling light headed. I actually slept in til 9, and then took an hour nap at 3. And its 8:45 and I could go to bed. BUT the goal after work tomorrow is to make it to swim practice!

Question for you:

What is your favorite restaurant and why?

Falling apart

It official. Im falling apart in Louie. haha

I worked today while taking ibprofeun every 4 hours. I made it through the day (with some pain), and luckily the babies I took care of were doing great! (which means a slow steady day for me)

Then I got home and my tooth was KILLING me. So I took a vicodine. Now. I feel like Im going to throw up and Im light headed.

Im not use to being sick. And well, I dont like it. I ESPECIALLY hate throwing up. (but who does haha)

The other issue is my son is at his dad’s house this weekend. As some of you know, I dont like when he is gone. Its quiet. And well, I miss him even if its a few hours. Basically, I love him!

ON A POSTIVE NOTE: I do have some REALLY good news! I went to look at houses with my realtor on Wednesday, and I found one I LOVED! So on Sunday I am bringing my parents and brother to see it to get their opinion. Basically all day at work, I kept showing people pictures! I hope everything works out!

Question for you:

Who/What is someone/something you miss whenever it is gone?

Baby Food

Today I feel a MILLION times better (thanks to the pain meds and antibiotics) I dont think medicine fixes everything but OH BOY do I feel better. But the pain meds made me really tired and I was also very nauseous so my food options were very plain

Breakfast: yogurt and only 1/2 a bowl of cereal. I COULDNT finish it. Now you know Im not feeling well right?!?! haha

Then I went back to bed till 11:30. Again you know Im not feeling well since I usually cant sleep past 9 or 10

Lunch was oatmeal, with a big spoonful of better than peanut butter (that the oats made disappear haha)

Then I picked my son up from school, and had a grilled cheese sandwich with TONS of chips. I was so happy to eat!

Dinner was another meal Im not use to, pizza and then ice cream for dessert.  My mouth feels alittle better-I hope I can make it to work tomorrow- not taking the pain meds.

~~ There is a giveaway on meals and moves– check it out!~~

After school, my son decided to set up a “table” with his chair. He then got his piggy bank out, and said he wanted to share his money with the poor. He said they can bring $ in to their school.

Question for you:

Did you ever raise money for a cause?

-When I became a NICU nurse, I started walking and raising money for March for Babies.

Tooth Fairy

Today was a pretty rough day. Starting yesterday, I have had EXTREME mouth and tooth pain. I was able to eat yesterday, but today all I have been able to have is cereal (chewing on the right side of my mouth)

THen this afternoon (after MANY attempts at IBprofeun and tylenol) I tried to eat soup, bit down on the left side, and almost fell on the floor from pain. I called the dentist ASAP and I was even crying at the dentist because of the pain.

Luckily, I got some meds filled for pain and antibiotics.

Funny side story: While waiting, I ran into a guy I dated that I met on match. com We made eye contact but I was on the phone and that was all that happened. (I might have walked the other way pretty quickly…)

Even though the day was NOT my finest. My son made this at school for me

my son and I with our dog Riley

Question for you:

What is something/someone who always makes your day?