Taking the train!

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend’s posts included a cake recipe , a november recap, and the posts were all over the place, but there is a reason. I was in CHICAGO!!!!

I sent up some blogs, just to have something because I knew I wouldn’t have time in the windy city. And I was right! It was crazy!!! we were up early, and didn’t go to bed till 11 or 12!

The trip started on Friday at 5:15am!!! (EEEKKK!!!) And it all started w/ the train. My cousin and grandma rode the train, while my mom and aunt drove the van. My grandma wanted to take the train, and it was ALL ABOARD!

We started the morning w/ some pictures and then we were off!

Do I look tired or what!?!? haha

The ride was actually really nice. It just got long towards the end, when we found out my mom and aunt were already in chicago and we still had awhile to go 😦

We got there around one, and got picked up by my cousin Jill who lives in Chicago (which I am so jealous of) and then we were off on more adventures.

…..more to come tomorrow….