What do you do when you get a bad text message?

Today I headed to the gym w/ my new kicks and new headphones!

My last ones bit the dust, and there wasn’t anything I could do ūüė¶

Luckily, these were only $8 at target.

Gym workout:

Treadmill intervals.

-1 min at 5.0

-1 min at 5.5

– 1 min at 6.0

-1 min at 6.5

-1 min at 7.0

-1 min at 4.0 Walk

– 1 min at 6.0

– 1 min at 7.0

– 1 min at 8.0

– 1 min 4.0 Walk


20 minutes of weights (the meat head was there again)

Then I got a text message. It wasn’t a good one. And I was pissed. Since, I was at the gym I head to the treadmill again! I ran for 25 minutes (until my legs were screaming because they were tired) I was SO happy I was at the gym, if I were at home I would have stuffed 20 tootsie rolls into my mouth before even replying to it. haha.

Question for you:

What do you do to control stress?

Any suggestions on strength training exercises?

(Im running out of ideas and I have to look better than the meat head haha)

Veggie overload

Today started off with getting Andrew to school, and then a much needed nap.

(last night and this morning I had this HORRIBLE headache. For the most part that means Im dehydrated and its time for bed.)

So breakfast was at 10am. (NICCCEE)

egg,PB, banana sandwich

¬†remember yesterday’s yoga class? Well my shoulder muscles are on FIRE! I don’t have much upper body strength, and can now see how yoga is so worth it! (in many ways)

So no upper body workout today. Instead I went to the gym and did the treadmill intervals for two miles. Then waked a mile at a high incline. Got extremely sweaty! I was going to go to target after, but needed to shower (as a courtesy to the other shoppers haha)

Goodies from target!

 I had a coupon for 12 dozen free eggs, and a dollar off the Light n Fit yogurt.

I also got some Xmas cards (I know Im ahead of the game, but they are really cute!)

 Now I just need a picture of me and Andrew (let me know if you want one! haha)

I also got these awesome pumpkin candles for the mantel!


 My dad also worked on my sidewalk that we started working on FOREVER ago.

 Well we needed to cut some of the stepping stones. But I first had to buy the blade and my dad said it was a lot easier than he thought (YEA!)


 Now we will have to just even them out, and lay the rest of the them. Looks SO much better than when I moved it.

Dinner was pasta, chicken, and every veggie I could find.


 I was craving veggies- can you believe that? Red pepper, carrots, and broccoli. All, I had to add was parmesan cheese. DELICIOUS!

 Question for you:

Do you like veggies or fruit?

Do you ever crave certain foods?