Crossfit workout and Paleo Pancakes

Yesterday’s workout inspired by crossfit and found on pinterest 🙂

I went for another run on the treadmill! Third of the year…impressive…haha

And it went by so fast!



Today’s workout was a Muscle Works class at gym. I felt sore just walking out of there! Can’t wait till tomorrow..

For dinner, Andrew and I stuck with breakfast: paleo pancakes, sausage links, and strawberries


A heart... and not on purpose
A heart… and not on purpose

IMG_1277 IMG_1275

They were SO fluffy, sweet, and delicious. Andrew gobbled right through them

Now time to get the little guy in bed, and stretches for me!!

Question for you:

What is one happy thing that happened today for you?

– Andrew and I made a fort this morning with blankets and pillows

Week one, take two

About five weeks ago, I began a new workout routine with Annie. Her son and Andrew are in the same grade at school, and it just so happens we work out at the same gym! So we decided to give these workouts (Annie’s bootcamp, I call them) a try. And OHHHH boy have they kicked my booty!

I definitely recommend them if you need something fast, fun, hard, and quick. These workouts go by SO fast and we are dripping sweat by the end, but we never feel defeated, like we can’t get it done

The first day was a killer. I was not doing so well with this workout.

And now, five weeks later, well….the workout still is a killer. BUT I went up on the speed for all my runs!!!! Annie and I agree we are both getting stronger with these workouts,and feeling a difference in our clothes and how they fit.

This chart shows the workouts. The blue is the speeds from the first day, red are from a few days ago.

I made it to 10!!!! It was incredibly hard. And I thought I was going to fall off the back of he treadmill, but I just kept saying you can do this. Keep going. Because I know I can do almost anything for a minute, and I did it!

Several years ago, all I did was cardio. I was afraid of getting “too buff”. And then when I wanted to do weights, I just didn’t know what exercises to do, or I would stop after 20 reps. WIMP! haha. I am VERY thankful for Annie’s bootcamp.

Here are the workouts if you want to try them out!

Now I must go stretch and lay down for awhile haha. jk

Question for you:

Did you ever have the fear of gaining too much muscle from lifting weights?

What is your favorite ab workout?

-I love planks. They are hard, but you can FEEL your muscles working hard to keep you up off the floor!

4:30 Am workout

I try to keep my promises whenever I can. I happen to be the middle child, and have this thing about making everyone else happy. So when I told Angela I needed to run 6 miles this week, I needed to keep that promise.

Today was my only day available (circuit training tomorrow) and so I had to get up at 430 am to get a run in before my 7am shift.

I was surprised to find 430 AM wasn’t so bad. This NEVER happens. Unfortuantly, my legs were still tight from yesterday’s workout (that will teach me not to stretch)

429 Alarm goes off. Silenced

430 Alarm goes off. Silenced.

431 Alarm goes off. Roll out of bed

432 Get dressed, eat 1/2 banana and PB

436 Head out the door

445 Start running. Yawn.

The rest of the run went from feeling good, to having tight calves. Eventually, I had to give in. My body was just NOT having the six miles and my time was running low so I could shower, eat, and get to work.

I killed two birds with one stone and ate breakfast, while checking emails. Then it was off to work!

I guess 4.5 miles is better than nothing, but not as good as 6….maybe next time! Here is proof, with my sweaty face and all haha

Question for you:

Would you rather work out in the morning, middle of the day, or night?
-I have to get it out of the way ASAP or it just doesn’t happen

“I think I’m going to throw up”. good workout!

Today, I headed to the gym with another mom. Her son goes to school with Andrew, so while they were in the daycare, she tried to kill me. haha She had this crazy workout planned and it was awesome! I mean, if you don’t say “I think I’m going to throw up” is it really a good workout?

I wanted to share it with you guys. We brought 5lb weights and a ball. (we both agreed we needed heavier weights) She started with the weight and ball and I was on the treadmill. 

grey shows what exercises were performed on the ball

I started with the three min sprint on 6.0. We switched. While she was running the sprint, I did bicep curls on the ball. After 1 min and 1/2, she told me to switch to tricep extension. Then it was my turn to run again. Everytime we bumped up the speed, so by the end of the intervals on the treadmill, I was running at 9.0 for the last two 1 min sprints.

This workout took us about 50 minutes and we were both huffing and puffing. I really shouldn’t have ate much before doing this haha. But we both finished and have plans for Friday to do another workout 🙂

I never thought I wanted to workout with someone. But I was so glad that I did. There is NO WAY I would have done that by myself. She really helped me push it and get it done!

Question for you:

What is your favorite exercise at the gym?

Do you workout alone, a friend, or a group?

Windy City

Today started off w/ twin pancakes 🙂

Andrew had blueberry

and I had banana and agave nectar, w/ a side of scrambled eggs

The reason Andrew and I had time for pancakes, was because Andrew had a dentist appointment 😦

It was nice to not have to RUSH RUSH RUSH in the morning. He then went off to school, while I made a million phone calls and headed to the gym. I was going to run ouside, but the wind was crazy here (it blew down tree branches and the libraries fence!) I was afraid I would blow away! haha

I watched What Not to Wear while running/walking on the treadmill for an hour!!! I haven’t been able to do that in a LONG time! haha. I’m thankful for that show

I also racked leaves in the backyard (which just blew all over the place) and read my new book (after taking a shower)

But first I needed some grub!!! Homemade pizza, chobani yogurt w/ some chocolate granola while watching Ellen

TIme to grab a coffee, pick Andrew up from school, and headed to the park for an hour.

Then I made a new recipe!! Pork tenderloin w/ blueberry sauce and green beans. Even Andrew ate this!! (recipe to come tomorrow!)

And we ended the day, by getting frozen yogurt w/ my parents. It was nice to talk w/ them about everything that is going on

now time for bed!!! goodnight!!

Question for you:

What do you have for breakfast?

Gym personalities

Today, started out SLOOWWLLY.

Andrew spent the night at his dad’s house, so I slept trying to catch up on sleep (the night before I only got 3! eek!)

Unfortuantly, I’m still sick. Mono.Strep. Sinus Infection. Who knows! but Im going w/ the last. Might need to get on antibiotics.

I didn’t get out of bed till10!! It was awesome! Then my favorite breakfast and then Andrew’s basketball game

I then made it to the gym. Where I noticed there are a wide range of personalities at the gym. I only noticed this because their was this one 20-something year old walking around with some pretty big arm muscles, sleeveless shirt, just walking around. UMMM. dude. what are you doing?!?! He would do a few reps then walk around checking out everyone else. how does he get such big arms well looking at everyone else?!?!

EWWW is this even real?!?!!?

Then there are others who just keep their heads down and don’t talk to anyone (this is pretty much me. except when the older men start talking to me haha) Of course, there are also girls who have more makeup on that I have worn my whole life and just talk on their cell phones will walking on the treadmill. (they bother me haha)

Anywho, has anyone else noticed these types of personalities at the gym???

Well I’m going out w/ some girls from highschool.

How is everyone else’s weekend?

Are there any gym personalities you see? That annoy you?

Workin’ It

(apparently I was also “workin’ it” on Nov 28th haha)


This morning I hit the gym! (thank goodness that Andrew and I are back to our routine!)

I took him to school, and headed straight to workout. And Im not going to lie I killed it. I even made the boys look bad. haha jk. But I still felt great, even sore, and I hadn’t left the gym yet!

Started out w/ this treadmill workout:

1.) 5.0 speed for 1 min

     5.5 speed for 1 min

    6.0 speed for 1 min

   6.5 speed for 1 min

    7.0 speed for 1 min

   7.5 speed for 1 min

   8.0 speed for 1 min ( i think this is a 6:30 min/mile. but Ill check next time)

   1 min walk, then go to #2

2.) 5.0 speed for 1 min

    6.0 speed for 1 min

     7.0 speed for 1 min

    8.0 speed for 1 min

    1 min walk, go back to #1

I repeated this until 30 minutes was up. I was pretty darn sweety! I caught up on some VH1 and Country Music during the run. Litened to Gym Glass Hero “Stereo Hearts

After that I hit the weights. I first started w/ machines. Arms and legs. Then got a mat and did a few exercises for abs.Then I did squats! AH. I hate squats, but I just got in the mood. (very rare)

Well home for a shower, breakfast, and some coffee!

I drank it in my new favorite coffee cup that I got from the Boathouse restaurant in Forest Park here in St Louis. If you are ever visiting the STL you have to go there!

Question for you:

Why can’t I upload a video fromyoutube? I go to insert, and it won’t let me! UGH!


Thats how I feel today.

Yesterday. was a bummer day. But lets move on, shall we!

Today I kick some major butt. Even though I still had some rough moments, I still ate well.

ANNNNDDD I got my butt to the gym. Lets face it I REALLY didnt want to go. After 12 hours in the NICU, all I want to do is go shower and sit.

But then I did some POSITIVE self talk and I knew I would feel better if I went .

I wanted to provide proof that I went to the gym, by taking my picture……..then while washing my hair I realized I forgot to take it. darn. SO I took a picture of my gross shirt instead haha

Even this lil furry guy wanted to get his picture taken after we played catch.

At the gym I did a CRAZY interval workout on the treadmill. Basically I just made it up. haha.

It looked a little like this:

5.0 for a minute

5.5 for a minute

6.0 for a minute

6.5 for a minute

7.0 for a minute

4.0 walk for a minute

Then repeat.

I did this for 30 minutes and burned 300 calories! SCORE!!!

Question for you?

What is your favorite treadmill workout? Do you keep a nice steady pace or mix it up?