Vitamin D

I week ago,  I found out my Vitamin D level was 14! (normal low is 30). Today I got an email from fitness magazine, and one of their main stories was about vitamin D rich foods.

This is how I am getting my Vitamin D                            How I want to get my vitamin D


Fitness magazine had a few suggestions:


Cereal (not the healthiest option)

Milk (obviously)


Swiss Cheese

Shrimp ( I had no idea! Apparently it has 32% of your daily intake)

Oysters (ummmm. Ive never had these)

Grilled Oysters

Fortified OJ

Canned Tuna (umm. never had this either.)

Cod Liver Oil (I think Ill stick w/ the other options)


Question for you:

Do you eat most of these foods?

How do you eat tuna? straight out of the can (EWW) haha