taking down more walls

Today was a whirlwind.

Breakfast started w/ eggs, pb, and banana

I then grabbed a gas station coffee and headed to my “home away from home” Home Depot.

I got some good stuff BECAUUUUSSSSEE I have decided to redo the bathroom on the first floor. Or as we like to call it “The pepto bathroom”

At first, we were just going to put in the new sink, paint the cabinet, get some new fixtures and light, and a new lid for the toilet.

WELLLLLLLLLLL then I found myself looking at Pinterest and it all went to hell down the drain from there.

I found this bathroom which I really LOVED. And I thought. how easy- right?!?!?! WRONG!!!!

because everytime I want to work on a project, it SOMEHOW involves taking down walls. Why oh why do I decide to work on my house. I really just need to stop haha.

I was really excited to get started on my own. (dont mind the hair and how extremely tired I look!)

I  removed all the towel racks (there were THREE!), put in new door handles, painted the cabinet, and spray painted the mirror.

They will need another coat of paint, so I started on getting the tile off the walls. which happen to be CEMENTED to the plaster.

 FABULOUS! (remember the kitchen!!!)

I was really bummed because I like starting a project and see results, or at least progress.

Anyway, the damage has begun. The tile is going to have to be CUT OUT tomorrow. It is not going to be an easy or fast task AT ALL. Luckily, my handyman brother and his assistant my dad are coming over to work with me. I love them 🙂

Lunch wasn’t till 1, and it was a simple turkey, lettuce, and tomato sandwich, with a side of apple and colby cheese. Nothing fancy.

Dinner was easy as well, since my kitchen is housing all the stuff to work on the bathroom. I made a turkey burger, and had a side of grapes and corn on the cob. Dessert was frozen yogurt w/ fiber one cereal.

Lab Update: I still don’t have the results back from Friday. (I hate when it takes so long on the weekends but it is what it is) Luckily, tomorrow I am calling the office, they said they should have them by then. I am still having really weird symptoms……

Well time for bed, Happy First Day of Spring!

Question for you:

How did you spend the first day of Spring?

Spinning and Paleo

I apologize for yesterday. I did not mean by the title, that I was making a casserole WITH a baby in it haha. Only that the casserole was for my friend who HAD a baby. hahaha. (I thought it was funny)


Today, started w/ taking andrew to school and then I went back to bed. Yep. I woke up at 4 am. WIDE AWAKE. whats up with that???

After sleeping in, I grabbed a half a banana and pb and headed to the gym for spin class!

I havent been in so long and I knew I needed someone else to kick my butt because I wasn’t feeling motivated today. And it totally work. I was a sweaty mess after 15 minutes! Seriously it was gross, and I had to run out of the gym when the hour was up so people didn’t smell me or notice my cherry face!

It was SO MUCH worse than Kirsten Dunst

Next was a really long shower and my favorite breakfast in the world!

I then spent most of the day in this position. I watched a lot of Ellen and began reading this book.

(and no we havent turned the heat on. just using a space heater!)

Thanks to my awesome friend Tiffany, I am FINALLY doing something that she has been telling me for MONTHS to do. and that is reading and starting the paleo diet.

I just started the book, but basically it is about eating what our ancestors ate millions of years ago. Meats, fish, eggs, fruits, veggies, and healthy fats. No dairy

But a few weeks ago, I just started by cutting caffeine. No more diet soda! (except for a treat- like when I go out to dinner, stuff like that) I also am cutting WAY back on the sugar. I LOVE candy and sweets, so this one was really hard! I am the type that wants something sweet after a meal (who’s w/ me on that!?)

I will keep you guys updated! I actually made a Paleo dessert, that I will share with you guys this weekend!

Dinner was actually pretty good too.

Turkey burger w/ ketchup, spinach, red pepper on a arnolds thin. W/ sweet potato fries and blackberries

Even andrew liked the turkey burger! I was surprised! (and that glass of wine I didn’t drink. I wanted to, but then lost interest)

Question for you:

Have you ever tried a “diet” or the paleo diet?

Speed Demon

Doing a VERY quick post tonight. I am off to my neighbors’ (shes like my lil sister) dance at her school. Then swim practice.

Breakfast started off with a jar of Oats, LOVE better than peanut butter!

I also had two clementines, you can start to see the apples again! haha

THen I went to Whole Foods. THE BEST store EVER (alittle expensive) but I get my PB, yogurt, and soy milk there

THis is the sticker they gave my nephew, who I watch on my days off.

Lunch: turkey burger, last one 😦 with ketchup, red pepper, lettuce on an arnolds thin

…and two more clementines- I WILL eat all of them haha (if it kills me)

Dessert was a HUGE bowl of cereal, PB, and soy milk….

…….Then I snacked the rest of the day……….

pecans and dates

swedish fish

animal crackers

bread and PB

Dinner was a small taco salad

Well now Im off to swim practice in the HOPES of burning off all the calories I ate today. I seriously COULDNT STOP!

Question for you:

How do you stop  cravings, over eating, or emotional eating?

Dad’s Birthday Part Two

Another crazy saturday.

Started out with a bowl of cereal (fiber one, kashi, chocolate protein powder, milk, and PB). Forgot my banana- DARN. but still good 🙂

Then off to the gym, after scraping four inches of snow off my car to go to the gym with my friend. We were taking a new class, I love having a workout buddy!

Then I shoved with the “help” of my dog, Riley

For lunch it was a repeat of dinner, chicken pasta sauce, provolone cheese, peppers, and mushrooms.

Then I had a TON of trail mix. It looks like I measured it….but went back for more…and more

Expiration 21/oct/ 20011,

sorry trail mix you wont last that long

Time for birthday celebration Number Two with the whole family!

Turkey burger, potatoes, and salad

Burger also had cheese, pepper, tomato, lettuce, and ketchup. YUMMMY



Of course I had some of the chocolate cake I made and some cookie dough ice cream

  • Question for you:

Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla cake?

I like vanilla with vanilla icing