spin class: Another half turn

my body is SOOO tired. So I am going to make this quick!

Breakfast good o’ egg sandwich

Then it was time for spin class at 9 AM!

At first I was just going to work out on my own, but then for SOME stupid UNKNOWN reason I decided to go for it. ANd man am I paying for it.

I swear, if I would have heard her say turn it a half a turn to the right, I was going to throw my water bottle at the instructor haha

When I got home, my dad asked if it was raining outside because I was so sweaty hahah GROSS!

Then it was green monster time!

I had this smoothie in car on the way to get books for my kiddo, then to my house to work.

I ended up painting cabinets and my son’s room for 8 hours!!!!!!! My body is SOO tired.

But like peanut butter fingers always says “you never regret a workout. You regret NOT working out”

Lunch was a turkey sandwich, sunchips, a diet pepsi (I know bad. but I wanted caffeine)

then dessert was three vanill acookies

I was full till 9pm- Thats 8 hours!!!!!!! crazy. I never forget to eat haha

I just had a PB banana sandwich and now, Im calling it a night!

Question for you:’

– what workout did you today?

Just keep runnin’

ANother day of running around:

Breakfast was fast. Arnolds thin, PB, and banana

-Grocery store

-Bed bath and beyond


Then I went to my house and got started. I had to paint the second coat in my son’s room.

Warm Springs

It looks so good- now I just need to do the trim by the ceiling and its done.

That is not the case for the kitchen

This is my brother working on taking more of the ceiling and walls down. THERE ARE THREE LAYERS to come down!

Now that everything is taken down, we have to put it ALLLLL back up! haha

We also started working on sanding the cabinets. THen I am going to paint them an off white color

The “work room” AKA the garage haha

Then around 2 I needed to break for lunch. I had a turkey sandwich, lettuce, and tomato. With A MILLION fat free pretzels

 and colby cheese

Then it was time to relax. I went to get a pedicure and manicure with my mom. IT. WAS. AWESOME.

(while running out of the house I ate a warmed up pancake…yup. true story)

I am in a wedding this weekend so this was the perfect excuse reason to get it done!

Well after  A MILLION more pretzels. I NEEDED TO EAT ASAP!

I tried to put together my famous salad w/ jelly dressing…..but it just didnt hit the spot, so I threw it away (which I HATE throwing away food) and I made a favorite.

Yep. I had cereal for dinner. YUM


Question for you:

– Do you like to go to the spa or to get pedicures or manicures?

Back in the Lou

HI EVERYONE! sorry its been awhile. I went on a GREAT girls trip this weekend, and was busy eating, drinking, shopping, and eating some more haha

I will update you later this week about ALLLL the adventures. For now I will just start with today

Breakfast was strawberries, then took my son to school and headed to sams. Then I had a BIG bowl of cereal

cereal + PB + banana + protein powder

 Then I painted for 6 HOURS!!! With the help of my brother. Closing day for the house is April 29th!!

After getting covered in paint (and starving) I made a quick sandwich with lettuce and tomato on an arnolds thin. With a side of apple and colby cheese. (I also had cashews)

This meal wasnt till 4pm, so I wasnt too hungry for dinner. I did make it for the rest of my family, and tried some myself

Pasta with peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, and chicken. side of grapes

Here you can find the cream cheese pasta sauce


Then dessert was a skinny cow ice cream

can you see the dark circles? haha

Question for you:

When you paint, would you rather use a roller or a brush?

-I was in charge of the trim, and had to use a brush. It is very delicate stuff.

To Do List

I got A TON done today, and even slept in. After taking my son to school, I went back to bed. TILL 10:30. I realized that the antibiotics I am on not only make me nauseous, they also make me extremely tired.


egg omlet


banana, Pb, on 2 slices of bread
Then I headed to the gym. Yep you heard right. I haven’t been able to workout in 2 weeks. I got a great 30 minute interval training on the treadmill. Then I walked on a 5.5 incline for 30 minutes.
After a shower and quick sandwich, I went to get groceries
Before the grocery store, I got my coupons and made a list~!
At the store, I picked up this bar. on the box it said this bar was all Natural….REALLY?!?!
 look at the ingridents!
out of fiber one cereal...booo
These were on the list (can tell which are mine haha)
THese were not on the list...not too bad!
After shopping, I had a bowl of cereal while my son had a snack and did homework.
Question for you:
Do you use coupons?