2013 Flashback (the last 6 months)

2013 had so many fun adventures and experiences! And I only recapped 6 months so far! Today, I looked through the last 1/2 of the year, and it makes me realize how much we did, and how much fun we had πŸ™‚



  • We took the little baby to the zoo for the first time πŸ™‚




  • Andrew and I headed to Six Flags for mom and me time




back yarg2

  • My friend’s and I had a great weekend at the lake






  • I started paleo for good πŸ™‚






  • To the winery with family, friends, Andrew, and our little fella

P1080329 - Copy











Well that concludes the whole year!!!! it was a lot! I am so glad I decided to do this flashback. It is so much fun to see what happened just in one year. I am really looking forward to 2014

Question for you:

What do you have planned for 2014?

Some favorites…

Yesterday, I had a pretty awesome time with my niece and nephew. I also made it to the gym which was even better.After a four day hiatus, it was needed. I went with 30 min of elliptical and this workout.


My niece and nephew were with me for 8 hrs


This is what a milk coma looks like


One of My buddies



Then I got a new windshield!!


FINALLY! Goodbye 255 bucks haha


Justin also drew himself on the countdown to christmas



Christmas card is sent!

P1080687 P1080686~~~~~

ELF 4 Health: Healthy Protein Snack

A new favorite is protein pumpkin in a mug


Question for you:

What have you been up to?

What have you done for the last 8 hrs?


I wanted to get my Christmas cards sent out, so I borrowed my mom’s camera card (where all the pictures were held) And there were some other good pictures there to share!

Last year, when my parents built a HUGE snow fort with Andrew


My apparent “baby hog’ skills at work πŸ™‚DSC_0679

Justin’s late night snack


Andrew also has a countdown for Christmas (just in case I forgot)


When the babies were only a few weeks old, my mom and I were watching all the kids. including mine πŸ™‚ We decided to take everyone on a short walk


(I really wish it was still this nice outside)

My brother and his fiancee got there save the dates out! April is just right around the cornerDSC_0330

The boys playing, must have been helping with the engagement pictures haha


Other randoms, I just ordered the “Sound of Music LIve” Dvd. Did anyone else watch a few nights ago?


Question for you:

Anything random going on with you?

Glad it is winter, or ready for Spring?

-I Am ready for Spring! I really dislike the cold

Baby footprint ornaments

Andrew and I met with my sister in law, my mom,Β  my neice and nephews for an hour of crafts. My mom has made a tradition since Andrew was little of making an ornament, plate, bowl, etc that the little kiddos give their parents.


This year, I helped with the twins footprint ornament

We do foot and hand prints in the NICU (were I am a nurse) so I was called to help

P1080607 P1080608

And they turned out great! Fiona has her footprint on one side, and Seamus on the other

P1080611 P1080602(can’t wait to see the finished ornament!)

This is a great gift for grandparents and parents! I have also seen this idea, where you place the babies’ hospital arm band and hat into an ornaments. Super cute

Question for you:

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

Do you collect certain ornaments?

-each year we receive an ornament, usually to do with something from the year. This year, I am going to get Andrew a bike ornament for all his hard work in learning to ride for the first time!

Helping others

Today, started off with a quick breakfast of a banana pancake with almond butter on top


I ate breakfast while Andrew rode his bike.


Now I can’t get the kiddo off of it! haha

I then had to get ready for a babies funeral. Lets just say, it was not a way I wanted to start my day, but I know the family was so happy that we came. It was defiantly difficult, but I can only imagine what they are going through. Sending prayers to all parents who lose their babies , way too soon.


I then drove home, ate a quick lunch, and then headed to help my brother and sister in law with the twins.


Apparently Ms. Fiona has her days and nights mixed up 😦 I was very happy to hold them!

I know that when I have a rough day, a good workout, getting sleep, and holding a baby helps me relax. I didn’t work out today so that I could attend the funeral (which was 2 hrs away) and help my family. I already have my bag packed to workout tomorrow after work. (feel free to check in on me to make sure I go! haha)

Question for you:

What do you do when you are having a bad day?

How do you make time for yourself?Β 

14lbs of baby

After a long day for my brother and sister in law, the babies finally made their appearance at 11:43 and 11:47 (thats right. 4 minutes! between each!) My sister in law is my hero!

Introducing Fiona and Seamus πŸ™‚


My brother and Fiona


Crazy 14lbs of baby


Mr Seamus


My brother, dad, and the babies


Also my nephew and I were buds on Friday, and he got this superman outfit from the babies. He was pumped


I have to say I love these babies so much already! They are adorable and they are doing so well, so isΒ  my brother and sister in law.

Unfortuantly, I have to work this week, but I know they will have plenty of visitors and hopefully they will let me help when they go home πŸ™‚

Question for you:
Who is the most recent baby that you have held?

-I last held Fiona πŸ™‚


The good and the bad


Today started off with an amazing bike ride! (even Andrew rode his bike to school!)


I had my bike tune up at Big Shark, and it looks and rides amazingly smooth!


I came home and my kitchen sink was clogged. So I call my handyman Dad, and the pipe is clogged in the wall and it flooded part of my kitchen


It is a mess


The amazing cookies that my cousin made for Andrew


Are they not amazing?!?!


Waiting by the phone all day waiting to hear if the twins are on their way!!!


Unfortuantly…… my sister in law is having contractions, but nothing to bring those stubborn babies!


My kitchen still looks awesome with my Trader Joe’s Flowers


They make me happy


Paying bills and going through this mess


Luckily, I made a good dent in the diaster

But on a happy note, we have morning glory muffins for tomorrow!


I hope everyone is having a great week!

Question for you:

What is something good that is going that is going on with you?

Weekly workouts effected by stress

This week was more about getting my stress under control, not working out. Luckily, I did get in three good workouts to help de-stress a bit.

Sunday: rest

Monday: 16mile bike ride

Tuesday: rest

Wedneday: rest

Thursday: 14mile bike ride

Friday: rest

Saturday: 30 min elliptical 30 min Angela’s workout

This week has been very stressful. I think being out of town the past couple of weeks, and the other days working, I haven’t had a day at home since July. My sister in law, who is pregnant with twins, start contracting on Monday. Luckily they were able to slow the contractions. I have been helping with my three year old nephew (who I love!) but it takes up all my time and I haven’t been able to get anything done. Which then makes me anxious. There are other “things” going on, but lets not dwell…

I will say there are TON of emotions going on over here, but I have been doing great with the “eats”. With lots of healthy options, I haven’t turned to sweets! WAHOOO!!!!

Question for you:
Does exercise help you de-stress?

What was your favorite workout this week?

Diaper cake for twins!

This past Sunday, I attended my sister in laws baby shower for the twins!!!! She is having a boy AND a girl!!! I still can’t believe it

When I saw the diaper cakes on pinterest, I just knew I wanted to try this.


(who doesn’t need diapers!)

First I started with the bottom row, and just wrapped the diapers in a circle


I used tape to hold it all together and I taped it to a piece of cardboard that I cut in a circle

Next, I rolled the wash clothes and taped them to the sides, and added a bow around the whole thing


For the next row, I just repeated


This time, I used a blue blanket to decorate. I did a three layer cake. I then just started hanging the pacifiers, spoons, and other items in all the spaces. The top I wrapped with a towel for after the bathtub.


Almost finished! Just need to add a stuffed animal to the top, and it was all ready!

I got a big box of diapers from Sam’s and the other goodies from the dollar store. If you buy a diaper cake already made, you can spend over 100 bucks! Mine cost less than 1/2 of that, and it was super easy

Question for you:

What is your favorite gift to bring for a baby shower?

Have you made any crafts from pinterest?



Parties galore

Today, was just one of those days with lots on the calendar. Andrew and I started it off by cuddling, breakfast, and then a 1/2 hour of tennis at the park.

We didn’t have much time, before he went with my dad and the ladies of the family headed to my sister in laws baby shower

Did I mention she is having twins? One boy, and one girl? (probably a time or two haha)


There was a cupcake station, with all the pink and blue sprinkles you could imagine! (I was in heaven)


My nephew was there to help with the presents. he is going to be a big brother in just three months!

IMG_1918 IMG_1919And he says I make a goofy face haha


Our next get together, was for a ten year olds birthday party. They invited this guy.


He started with snakes…..


Then Andrew got to pet this guy…


And then had him on his head!!! haha



Finally, our day ended at Andrew’s baseball game. Where I enjoyed a nice glass of wine πŸ˜‰

my friend chrissy pouring me a "glass"
my friend chrissy pouring me a “glass”

Well after that carb fun filled day, I am ready for bed. Yep, it is only 8:30 haha

Question for you:

Snakes, like or hate them?

How is your weekend?