Weekly workouts effected by stress

This week was more about getting my stress under control, not working out. Luckily, I did get in three good workouts to help de-stress a bit.

Sunday: rest

Monday: 16mile bike ride

Tuesday: rest

Wedneday: rest

Thursday: 14mile bike ride

Friday: rest

Saturday: 30 min elliptical 30 min Angela’s workout

This week has been very stressful. I think being out of town the past couple of weeks, and the other days working, I haven’t had a day at home since July. My sister in law, who is pregnant with twins, start contracting on Monday. Luckily they were able to slow the contractions. I have been helping with my three year old nephew (who I love!) but it takes up all my time and I haven’t been able to get anything done. Which then makes me anxious. There are other “things” going on, but lets not dwell…

I will say there are TON of emotions going on over here, but I have been doing great with the “eats”. With lots of healthy options, I haven’t turned to sweets! WAHOOO!!!!

Question for you:
Does exercise help you de-stress?

What was your favorite workout this week?

Diaper cake for twins!

This past Sunday, I attended my sister in laws baby shower for the twins!!!! She is having a boy AND a girl!!! I still can’t believe it

When I saw the diaper cakes on pinterest, I just knew I wanted to try this.


(who doesn’t need diapers!)

First I started with the bottom row, and just wrapped the diapers in a circle


I used tape to hold it all together and I taped it to a piece of cardboard that I cut in a circle

Next, I rolled the wash clothes and taped them to the sides, and added a bow around the whole thing


For the next row, I just repeated


This time, I used a blue blanket to decorate. I did a three layer cake. I then just started hanging the pacifiers, spoons, and other items in all the spaces. The top I wrapped with a towel for after the bathtub.


Almost finished! Just need to add a stuffed animal to the top, and it was all ready!

I got a big box of diapers from Sam’s and the other goodies from the dollar store. If you buy a diaper cake already made, you can spend over 100 bucks! Mine cost less than 1/2 of that, and it was super easy

Question for you:

What is your favorite gift to bring for a baby shower?

Have you made any crafts from pinterest?



Parties galore

Today, was just one of those days with lots on the calendar. Andrew and I started it off by cuddling, breakfast, and then a 1/2 hour of tennis at the park.

We didn’t have much time, before he went with my dad and the ladies of the family headed to my sister in laws baby shower

Did I mention she is having twins? One boy, and one girl? (probably a time or two haha)


There was a cupcake station, with all the pink and blue sprinkles you could imagine! (I was in heaven)


My nephew was there to help with the presents. he is going to be a big brother in just three months!

IMG_1918 IMG_1919And he says I make a goofy face haha


Our next get together, was for a ten year olds birthday party. They invited this guy.


He started with snakes…..


Then Andrew got to pet this guy…


And then had him on his head!!! haha



Finally, our day ended at Andrew’s baseball game. Where I enjoyed a nice glass of wine 😉

my friend chrissy pouring me a "glass"
my friend chrissy pouring me a “glass”

Well after that carb fun filled day, I am ready for bed. Yep, it is only 8:30 haha

Question for you:

Snakes, like or hate them?

How is your weekend?


Positive Thoughts

Lately, things have been alittle crazy around here. I have been having issues with a certain person in my life, and I am getting to my breaking point! I am trying to keep it together, but lack of sleep plus hormones and stress is starting to get to me. I am also trying to lose weight, and this issue is causing the opposite!

This not dwell on this, so lets talk about some good stuff!!

    • My sister in law is 20 weeks with the twins!

(haha. Im sure thats how my brother and sister in law feel!)

Top 10: 2008 Summer Vacation Cities

    • I ordered myself a massage 🙂 Thank you groupon!
    • 10 great butt exercises
    • I went on two dates with a new guy name Rodger. So far so good 🙂

ok. that is enough positive thoughts to outweigh the negative, don’t you think?!?! 😉

Question for you:

What is something positive going on in your life?

Trying new things and UPDATES!

WOW. what a crazy 24 hours! My cousin’s wedding was yesterday and was an absolute blast! We danced the night away (along with a few hours of sleep haha) I plan to update you in the next few days!

Today, was a day of new things! (like the small hangover I had after my brother made me try moonshine. It wasn’t a good idea. haha)


Andrew and I started the day with a visit to a new church! My friend at work attends Jubilee, and for weeks has been suggesting it, and this week was just the right time!

Andrew actually said this was his favorite church to go to so far!!! Lots of upbeat songs, they even had a cello! We will be going back


We then headed to lunch with two friends that I went to high school with, and we tried a new place! Russell’s Cafe


Andrew tried the french toast (I of course stole a few bites) It was AMAZING! I went with 1/2 farmer’s stand salad, and 1/2 pork tenderloin sandwich.

If you are in St Louis, you have to go here!!!


A few people MAY already know, but my brother and sister in law found out they were pregnant in February! While having dinner for my dad’s birthday, the family started to get a bit sarcastic with me, and I said “Thats it. You’re having twins.” Well a few weeks later, they found out THEY WERE having twins!!!!!!!!

twins- brian and mandy

And just this weekend they found out they are having a BOY and a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! If I seem to have a lot of exclamations, its because I am SO excited!! The babies are due at the beginning of October 🙂


A sucky update, is about the date I was suppose to have last week. Well Dan apparently got the flu, of course with my history I didn’t believe him. Then we rescheduled for today. All through the week we have been talking, he even wanted to meet up a few nights this week, but Andrew was in bed asleep. Then Sunday rolls around…and he doesn’t respond to my text….

UMMM wtf?!?! I guess I will never understand guys. But I’ve read He’s Just Not That Into You, and I think there was a part in there about this! haha


Instead of having a sucky evening because of dummy dan, Andrew and I got in our pjs and brought down everything from his bedroom, and played Star Wars Monopoly


I also tried to get my week together, because I work and have a few classes, and also have to clean my house and get ready for Andrew’s First Communion next Monday.


no worries. I’m sure it will all come together……EEEK!

Question for you:
What is a new update in your life?

My stomach rejects Valentine’s day

Yesterday started with a valentine’s card (with tattoo!) from Karen, and a kissable frog from Amanda.

I absolutely love this frog. I almost started crying. She is such a good friend to think about me (more on him later)

Then a few hours later, my stomach was not liking me very much. I actually had to leave work early. Which I absolutely HATE doing. And Audra gave me a nice pink bucket to bring home with me just in case. (luckily it went unused)

The rest of the day wasn’t pleasant. Last night I took my temperature with Andrew’s alligator thermometer


Fever 😦

Today, I was able to drink 7up, and a Mcdonalds shake (thanks to my mom!)

Then I started with panera soup in a bread bowl. Which I haven’t had in YEARS. I needed the carbs.


This week I am not doing my weekly weigh in, I’m sure I am down weight but not on purpose haha

On the good side, I have received this from not one, but TWO friends on Valentine’s day.


I saw this little boy on Ellen. And we are now soul mates haha

I also found out that someone is pregnant with twins!!! It is still early so I can’t spill who, but I am SOOOOO excited!!!!

Two years ago, valentine’s day was much better 🙂

Question for you:

What did you do Valentine’s Day?

What is your comfort food when you are sick?