A new sister in law!

My brother’s wedding was an absolute blast! The day start early with an 8am hair appointment


The girls and I had a blast! We had lots of laughs

We also had lots of food


And drinks 🙂


My mom and I~

goofy picture
goofy picture, I was OVERLY excited and she wasn’t ready haha

After 4 hours of hair and makeup, we headed to the Oakland house for the wedding


The girls got dressed upstairs at the house


Then it was GO time!

The best usher!
The best usher!


Not many pictures, but my aunt did take a picture of the newlyweds!


(that’s me in green on the left)

Lots of pictures! Of course, Andrew and I took a lot too 🙂


The party bus was perfect. And the whole wedding party had such a good party. It was like we had been friends and family FOREVER!

10172752_10152036355226437_5472225012962185677_n 10173553_10152036379451437_3846407437381513399_n DSCN0724b

We rode around St Louis to the Cardinal’s stadium, the Arch, and Forest Park to take lots of pictures. Then to the reception, to dance the night away! We didn’t leave till 11 that night.

I feel so blessed to have a new sister and I am so thankful that I had the energy for this great day 🙂

Question for you:

What was the last wedding you were in or attended?





Little brother’s rehearsal dinner

Last Thursday, our family and friends came together for the rehearsal dinner of my younger brother and future sister in law

my younger brother and I
my younger brother and I

The wedding was held at the Oakland House here in St Louis. And it was absolutely gorgeous. Also, there is the option of an indoor or outdoor wedding.


Of course, the family and wedding party got to talking


It was then time to start!


I walked down with Jeff, the bride’s brother.


We made a pretty good lookin’ couple 🙂

After a quick practice, in the drizzle (we even used umbrellas) it was time to head to dinner!

My brother and his surprise camo cake
My brother and his surprise camo cake

Everyone had a blast! And we ended up staying till almost 10:30.

me and my sister in laws :)
me and my sister in laws 🙂
Me and my brothers. Yep. they are THAT tall
Me and my brothers. Yep. they are THAT tall

WAYYYYY past our bedtime haha


The girls got an AMAZING gift of a cute bag with lots of goodies for the wedding day and a poem to match. It also had our initials


It was probably the best gift to have. tide pen, safety pins, Kleenex, the works! PeRfEcT!

Question for you: How many sister in law, brother in laws do you have?

– I now have two sister in laws 🙂

Illinois Wedding

I think today was a bit productive…..


My favorite find of the day! my new mirror


don’t worry..I took it out of the box

Otherwise, I basically have been eating, cleaning, and buying stuff all week, and Im exhausted (and its only Thursday….) So I want to share the wedding weekend!

Andrew was in my cousin, Ellen’s, wedding this past weekend. I started with a workout, and then the day FLEW by!

andrew and my nephew. Just two of the ringbearers
andrew and my nephew. Just two of the ringbearers
Getting the boys ready
Getting the boys ready
me and Andrew (we already look tired)
me and Andrew (we already look tired)
the bride walking in fast!
the bride walking in fast!
andrew did SOOO good standing the whole time!
andrew did SOOO good standing the whole time!
the bride and groom
the bride and groom
the whole wedding party
the whole wedding party
time for the vows...
time for the vows…
husband and wife!
husband and wife!
all the flower girls and ringbearers
all the flower girls and ringbearers


wedding party
wedding party

Then I had a little photo session with the boys and their suspenders hahaDSC03513 DSC03509 DSC03504

Time for the reception

DSC03525DSC03527Then it got a little crazy

photo(4) DSC03553 DSC03536 DSC03533 DSC03528It was a great night! I absolutely love weddings with my family. No more pictures, because I was out on the dance floor!

Question for you:
What is your favorite part of a wedding?

-i don’t have a favorite, I LOVE everything!

Gonna be a bridesmaid!

My brother is getting married!!!!!! Over the summer, my brother called to tell me he was getting the ring! Sorry for all the exclamations, but I am so excited. I had to hold on to that secret for months!

My younger brother has been dating Melissa for about 5 years, and the wedding will be next Spring.

So tonight, Melissa stopped by to chat, and give me this!


She is so crafty and made the card


Which had a sweet message and asked if I would be a bridesmaid!!!


I am SOOO excited for Spring 2014~!

Question for you:

Did you ask your bridesmaids to be in the wedding in a special way?

Weekend Wedding

On Friday, Tabor and I headed to my friend Heather and Brian’s wedding at the Lemp Mansion here in St Louis. It was the PERFECT night for a wedding.

First, we dropped Andrew off at my parents, and of course we needed a “prom” picture haha

man. I look REALLY happy haha

Everyone taking their seats, the wedding is about to start

The bridesmaids. I either went to highschool and/or college with these ladies

The groomsmen. Don’t they look so nice?!?!

The bride! I met Heather in highschool and we were roomates in college sophomore year

Heather and Brian are absolutely perfect for each other

You may kiss the bride!

The newlyweds!!

Tabor and I

And then it was time to dance!!!

And LOTS of pictures took place……..

my cousin jill and I
my friend brad and I
freshman year roomies
finally caught up with the beautiful bride

Time to end the night 😦

The view from our room. The view of the Arch was incredible

Question for you:

Would you rather a fall or spring wedding?

Indoor wedding or outdoor?

– I LOVVE outdoor weddings. But you never know what the weather is going to do

Purple wedding

Last night, I attended the wedding of Nicole and Alex. I lived next door to Nicole and her family for 15 years, and we are all very close. They are like my second family.

This picture was taken at my brother’s wedding. Pam (nicole’s mom) is in the blue and is my rock. She is has been there w/ me through so much. And Olivia (nicole’s little sister) in the white is my little sister. We moved in next door when she was just born.

 I love them so much and I miss that I don’t live next door to them anymore 😦

on Saturday, the ceremony was held in a beautiful church

Nicole and Alex were absolutely beautiful

You may now kiss the bride

I didn’t take many pictures at the reception. Im totally bummed about that. Im still using my mom’s camera. Maybe santa will bring me one *hint*hint* haha

But I did get a picture w/ Pam

And a picture w/ Alex (Nicole’s younger brother)

And then we danced. For hours!

It was so much fun and this morning I woke up w/ a LITTLE BIT of a headache haha. But I did make it to the gym and Andrew is back from his dad’s. I really had a good weekend, and I just realized how lucky I am to have such a great group of family and friends

Question for you:

What is your favorite part of weddings?

-I love watching the groom when he first sees the bride,  listening to the vows, and dancing 🙂

End on a positive note, w/ a joke

Today started out with a GREAT day off work. Instead of going back to bed, after taking Andrew to school, I headed straight to the gym (best decision of the day!)

But first we made apple cinnamon oatmeal because it was in the 40s here! Even Andrew wanted this (instead of his usually cereal..blah)

I also had a pumpkinspice coffee. The first was good, but the next tasted really watery, not sure why

i did 2 miles of intervals and then 2 miles of inclines. Nice and sweaty

Home for a shower and off to run some errands! It was time to get things checked off the TO DO LIST and find a brown dress for my halloween costume!

Target for groceries and odds and ends. I picked out a wedding card.


This weekend, my son will be going to a wedding for his uncle on his dad’s side. I have been very emotional, crying at songs and for no reasons what so ever. This may seem weird. You might think- Kristen. You guys aren’t together. Why would you so emotonal.

Well. These people were at one time going to be my family. I gave them my heart. And when you break up with someone, you also lose their family. So when events like this come up, my heart still says- You should be there, but you’re not.

Its very hard for me, and probably will be for some time to come (yes we have been separated for 2 years, but tried again this summer)

ANYWHO. today I also found out that Ian (my son’s dad) will be taking a girl with him to the wedding. But hey. I only cried about three times today- thats progress haha

so picking out a wedding card was hard. I think I stood there for 5 minutes before I even looked

 I eventually got one, hit up Marshalls, Goodwill, Kohls, Bed Bath and Beyond, and finally Walmart. Where I found my halloween dress for 9 BUCKS!

I also found a fuel belt for 7 bucks at Marshalls!!!!!!!!

 I was so excited! And then I munched on the whole bag of this!

Of course dinner was the highlight of the day with acorn squash. recipe to come tomorrow!

 So. I didn’t eat AS MUCH as I could have, but I did ok. But for dinner I wanted a glass of wine (just one of the days)

Well….I don’t have a bottle opener. BUMMER!


But dont worry, I found another bottle

 And then I spilled my glass……

Insert  deep breath, and a refill (of more wine haha)

And dessert while watching Ghost Adventures


To brighten my day, I watched Ellen

Joke of the day from Ellen:

Why couldn’t the pony sing?

Because he was a little horse!

haha I had to laugh- LOVE ellen!


What isyour favorite joke?

27 (MILLION) dresses

 Ok. so I dont mean that many bridesmaid dressses. (love the movie)
 I have been in a few weddings.
My older brothers wedding

(yep. two had clover green dresses, and I couldnt wear the 1st to the 2nd. totally bummer. esp on the bank)


What I mean is, I LOVE dresses. ESPECIALLY in the summer. I try to wear them  whenever I   can!

my son took this picture


mexico 2009
Rehearsal dinner

I swear I own some pants….I just never wear them haha
Question for you?
What is your GO TO outfit??

Clover Wedding

Over the weekend, I was THRILLED to be apart of my best friends wedding.

My friend Jessica and I meet first in college for nursing school.

Nursing School Graduation 2008

We have been best friends since 2005

When she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids, I was so excited!

So on Friday, my friend Carolyn, Sarah, and I headed for Springfield IL for the wedding of the year!!!

When we arrived, we got some snacks!

And the bride took several people out on the four wheeler. Dont worry, they wore hats to keep their hair all pretty 😉

THEN it was time for the wedding runthrough!And then the rehearsal dinner

It was GREAT being with the girls. I swear it doesnt matter how long we have been apart, we just pick up where we left off.

It was then time for bed!




7am panera bagel and banana

8am Got our hair done (it took 3 hours for 7 people to get their hair done!)

my hair

the bride

 12:00 PICTURE TIME! this was when the photographer took EVERY POSSIBLE combination of pictures. I cant wait to see them!

2:30 Stuff food in face. pasta, veggies and dip, cookies, and fruit. (yep I ate it all. come on I havent eaten since 7! haha)

we also, took a few pics while waiting haha

3:00 WEDDING!!!!! I did cry when I saw my best friend walk down the aisle. I am so excited for her and her husband Matt. They are truely madly in love.

4:00 On the trolley to take pictures at the capital!

Then it was STRAIGHT to the reception!

After some incredible food, speeches, and first dances.


The girls even made some awesome new friends. The groomsmen had the same sense of humor, and loved to dance. we had a blast!

We also got a little silly with the picture booth….

(yes. In college we called eachother the Fab 4…..just go with it haha)

needless to say I am SO happy for my best friends and her new husband!

weekend wedding!

Hi everyone!

I havent stopped moving or running around since friday!

One of my best friends got married on saturday, and I was able to be apart of their day.

I cant wait to share all the pictures (over 100) with all of you!

Im going to get sleep ASAP! Good night!

Question for you:

what did you do this weekend?