Weekly Workouts

This week was another busy one.  I picked up an extra shift + 4 hours. Mostly because Andrew was out of town with his dad’s for Christmas.

It was defiantly a rough week. Andrew being gone, extra work, less workouts, minimal sleep, and stress to boot. Needless to say I  didn’t eat many things that were healthy, then the emotionally eating, and the cycle continued. I was a cranky mess by Saturday.

On the positive side, I did get to visit with my family and friends. Andrew had two amazing Christmases as well.

Sunday: day off 🙂

Monday: 30 min bike + 15 min treadmill + 4 hours shift

Tuesday: 12 hour shift

Wednesday: 12 hour shift

Thursday: 12 hour shift

Friday: 1 hour spin class

Saturday: 12 hour shift

But it is time to get back to business. I have a few goals for this coming year,which I was start sharing soon 🙂


I just started following Karla from To Find My Fit who talks about her goal of making a better relationship with herself. I love this! I think we can all take a little advice from her post

Question for you:

Do you have any goals for 2014?

What was one of your workouts this week?

Weekly Workouts

This week the workouts were so much better! I lost another 1/2 lb (hey better than nothing!)  I picked up another 12 hour shift, my last for awhile. This makes me happy because I need to be with Andrew more. I have been missing him, and even though I love my job, I hate not being with him.

On Thursday, after my 12 hour shift, I was approached by a nurse who was not very nice. Actually, she was very aggressive. It ended up in a very heated conversation, and I was flustered and upset. Instead of going home and eating the whole fridge, or eating ice cream (like I wanted!), or drink a bottle a wine (like the nurses told me!) I headed to the gym. It was the best 30 minutes, and I was able to calm down, head home, and relax before bed. I know that if I hadn’t taken that time, I would have internalized that negativity.

Sunday:  12 hr shift

Monday: off day

Tuesday: 35 elliptical + circuit workout

Wednesday: 12 hr shift 30 min bike

Thursday: 12 hr shift 30 min elliptical

Friday: 12 hr shift

Saturday: 40 min spin class

Question for you:

What is one workout you had this week?

Are you trying to lose, gain, or maintain your weight?

Weekly Workouts

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Andrew and I have been running all around town doing lots of fun things. More on the tomorrow~

Workout wise, this week was weak. The spin class defiantly was the highlight of the week.  So we won’t dwell on those….

  • Sunday: off
  • Monday: 12 hour shift
  • Tuesday: 12 hour shift
  • Wednesday: 35 min bike + new circuit workouts
  • Thursday: 12 hour shift
  • Friday: 12 hour shift
  • Saturday: 60 min spin class

~~~~~ Elf 4 Health Challenge: 100 burpess

I got those bad boys in after Andrew went to bed. After 25, I thought to myself “I should have done these earlier” haha. I ended up breaking them up into 25. And doing a set for the commercials. DONE!


Of course, Justin met us this morning while climbing the Christmas Tree.

P1080619 P1080620

That little devil. I should have made small weights and had him working out too haha. Maybe soon

Question for you:

Love or hate burpees?

Weekly Workouts: working extra

Wait till you see my work and workout schedule this week……..

Saturday: 12 hr shift 30 min elliptical

SundaY; 12 hr shift

Monday: 12 hr shift

Tuesday: 12 hr shift

Wednesday: 12 hr shift

Thursday: Halloween! 20 min elliptical + Angie’s full body  circuit

Friday: 12 hr shift

Saturday: 30 min elliptical + arm workout

Yep. I picked up TWO EXTRA 12 hour shifts. Call me crazy. But the week,  even though it was long, I survived (and made some good Christmas money)

Even though I didn’t workout nearly as hard as I wanted to, I still lost a 1/2 a lb! I also have been taking my measurements at the beginning of the month, and they all went down! (except my arms…might be the arm workout… and sanding all the railings at my house haha)

And the only way I lost weight this week was because I got a lot of sleep, and I watched what I ate. I kept track as much as I could this week, and it made a BIG difference. Knowing that I love morning glory muffins, I also know that even though they are “paleo”, eating a bunch a day, equals way too many carbs. So I took a step back, and went back to the basics. Meat. Vegetables. Fats. Some fruits. And thats when I started to lose again.

Even though the workouts were not hours of workouts, I still feel great and my clothes are feeling much better. Now to lose the 30lbs!! But it is just one week at a time!

Question for you:

How many days/hours a week do you workout?

Weekly Workouts: learning self defense

Wow. Last week was GREAT! this week, not so much. I believe Andrew being sick, and waking up at all hours of the night, lead to a both of us being all completely off. I still ate paleo, but I just ate way too much. And didn’t move as much as I should

Even with everything that was going on, I still stuck with the squat challenge!! And on Thursday, I had to take a class for work on how to basically take people down that are causing a problem. I will NEVER take care of a situation by myself. The hope is that bringing many people and trying to communicate will de-escalate the situation. If those options don’t work, we have to control the situation, and learn how to do that. And also how to ease the person to the ground. It is not about hurting yourself or others, this class is intense. Basically for 8 1/2 hours, we were up and down off mats. My whole body was hurting.  I had to take ibuprofen! haha. So that counts as a workout to me!

Sunday: rest day

Monday: 30 min ellptical + 300 abs

Tuesday: Day 1 of squat challenge

Wednesday:  Day 2 of squat challenge

Thursday: 8 1/2 hrs in self defensive training. Day 4 Squat challenge: rest

Friday: (12 hr shift) Day 3 of squat challenge

Saturday: 30 min ellptical +arm workout + Day 5 squat challenge

So I will say I am really happy that I am doing the squat challenge. It gets me moving and its an area I want to work on! I wish I would have had more sweaty workouts, but this week is a new start!

Question for you:

What is one workout you did this week?

Have you ever taken a self defense (or something similar) class?

Weekly workout

This week was a MILLION times better than the past two weeks. I guess I just found my motivation again. I also have been taking more time for myself, still helping others in my family and hanging out with Andrew, but taking time for me.


Also, if I know I am going to have a crazy day, I plan it so I can make it to the gym FIRST THING, so that I don’t get home after running around St Louis, and make every excuse in the book NOT to go. So far that seems to be working. Also, getting out there and being active with Andrew has been a great help, my house looks like a bunch of 8 year olds went through it (ohhh wait. that did happen haha) But Oh well. Someone told me, that he will remember all the fun we had, not whether or not the house was picked up 🙂quotes2(source)

Sunday: Small bike ride and tennis with Andrew

Monday: rest (does 12 hrs running around the NICU count?)

Tuesday: Workout class at the gym (arms again. I think they may fall off)

Wednesday: 20 min elliptical + favorite leg workout

Thursday: rest (12 hr shift)

Friday: 20 min elliptical, Angela’s total body circuit workout +  2.5 mile bike ride with Andrew

Saturday: 30 min elliptical (after 12 hr shift)


Question for you:

What is one workout you had this week?

What are you proud of this week?

Weekly Workouts and goals

This week:

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: 6 mile Bike ride around with Andrew

Tuesday: GYM: 10 min bike, 60 min muscle works class AND a 5.5 mile bike ride with Andrew

Wednesday: Rest day ( 12 hour shift)

Thursday: Rest Day (12 hour shift)

Friday: Babies Babies Babies

Saturday: Rest Day (12 hr shift)


Well. holy moly. Another restful week it seems haha. ok, no I really kicked booty on Monday and Tuesday. But those 12 hour shifts makes it really hard to get a workout in. And then of course the twins came along as well!

luckily, I have been eating clean. I cut out not only carbs, but cheese yogurt, and milk. (only use it in my coffee) Before, I would eat “semi” clean (whatever that means) and I would wake up with extra tummy cramps. I will say not a single morning this week did that happen! Also, I weighed in on Friday and I had lost a lb and a 1/2! And considering I haven’t had any BIG workouts, I consider this a huge success!!!

This weeks goals:

  • Go to bed before 10:30
  • Eat clean
  • Exercise Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat
  • Make time for myself


Question for you:
Do you make weekly/monthly/yearly goals?
What is a goal you want to make this week?

Weekly Workouts, a day late

Well, my weekly workout post is a day late, but my mom was borrowing my computer. I have also been all around the world St Louis

I took my nephew and Andrew to the homecoming, so they could ride some rides


and then when they went to my parents I hung out with friends, which is exactly what I needed

I have been cooking up in the kitchen. Cauliflower “potatoes”



Andrew and I have also been riding, and today we went on a bike ride around our neighborhood.

P1080048(riding my bike while taking pictures! haha)

It is amazing to share something I love with Andrew


So back to the workouts last week. Wow. this week was all about work….. I need to UP MY GAME~!

Sunday: 1000mile swim at the pool

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Rest day (12 hr shift)

Wednesday: Rest day (12 hr shift)

Thursday: 16mile bike ride

Friday: Rest day (12 hr shift)

Saturday: 25 min elliptical + awesome leg workout!

Question for you:

Do you have something that you love to do, that you like to share with others?

Weekly Workouts

I hate to start a blog on a negative, but I just have to say, I didn’t workout much at the end of the week because on Thursday (after working a 12 hr shift and going to the gym) I came home to find that a stranger had been in my house. Luckily, no one was home. So the past few nights I haven’t slept AT ALL. But, on a good note, I have been spending more time with this fellaP1070716b

P1070704  P1070717

This is my parents dog, who is staying with me because it makes me feel safe. He might not look vicious, but he is a pretty good guard dog.


ANywho…..on to the workouts!! I did really good at the beginning of the week 🙂

This week I was really feeling the workouts. I was also trying to be active with Andrew, and around the house. Working in the backyard works off a lot of calories!!!

Sunday: rest

Monday: 1 1/2 hrs of tennis with Andrew

Tuesday: Angela’s workout, back yard work

Wednesday: 30 min of tennis, back yard work

Thursday: 40 min elliptical (after 12 hr shift)

Friday: rest

Saturday: rest

Still four workouts in a week- I’ll take it!!!

Question for you:

Have you ever been involved with a break in or robbery?

-Why do people do that?!?! i just don’t get it, I guess I never will.

Weekly workouts

This week had workouts from Michigan, to the gym to the tennis courts. If you ask me, this is how I LOVE to keep moving. I can’t do the same thing everyday. I get bored. Then I stop working out. (doesn’t help the weight lose!)

  • Sunday:  28 mile bike ride to the Cherry Hut
  • Monday: Tennis and small bike ride with Andrew
  • Tuesday:  2000 yard swim (after a 10hr car ride)
  • Wednesday: rest day
  • Thursday: 40 min elliptical (after a 12 hr shift)
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 40 min elliptical, weights, and then an hour of tennis with Andrew

Weights on Saturday included:

  • Repeat x3
  1. 20 Squats with kettlebell swings
  2. Seated ab twists (to both sides. 25 each side)
  3. Lying Adduction leg lifts (25 each leg)
  4. Tricep dips

I was really happy with this weeks workouts. Especially on vacation, when I seem to be alittle TOO laid back. but we were active in the morning, and then relaxed the rest of the day. It was perfect.

Question for you:
What was your favorite workout this weekend?

How many “rest days” do you have each week? or do you not keep track?

-I don’t 🙂