Packing up

Well its about that time to get the tree taken down, and put away all the Christmas decorations. 😦

Each year Santa has given us a new ornament. It usually had something to do with a trip we took that year, or an interest we have. (my brothers got a lot of cars and tractors haha)

I found some of my favorite ornaments, and I wanted to show you guys!

My baby shoe ornament

My parents just bought Andrew a pair! haha

Andrew also has two ornaments he got in 2005. One from Santa

And one from my parents.

This is my all time favorite, because The Wizard of Oz is my #1 movie (even though she MAY look a bit creepy)


And then the third runner up, is this ornament that my mom also has

We also have two ornaments from Disney. This one is mine

And here is Andrew’s. His lights up!!!

Question for you:

Do you have a favorite ornament?

Are all your decorations packed up?

Little People Convo

I know I already posted today about yesterday being a little all over the place, but I have a great conversation with Andrew to share with you. (mind you. he is 6. haha)

“What did you do at recess today”

“I chased girls around”

“Why did you chase them”

“We were playing cops and robbers. And the boys don’t like to be by girls”

” Why don’t they like to be by the girls?”

“The boys say EWWW and gross when they get by a girl”

“Well IM a girl”

“no. You’re a MOM

hahaha I about died. It was so funny.


Well Im off to watch Wizard of Oz. Which is my all time favorite movie. I could watch it a million times. One day, I would love to have an original copy

Now it is on a commerical, which started by saying:

“We will be right back to the wizard of oz. And to think this ALL wouldn’t have happened if she just had her dog on a leash”

Question for you:

Wizard of Oz, hate it or love it?