5 of the last 6

Today was a little bit of a break. The previous three days I worked, and now I will work the next two. So today was catch up with laundry, cleaning, and trying to be lazy. (It didn’t work. working 5 out of 6 days is a little rough)



But I wanted to tell you about the evil lurking around the NICU



They are everywhere!!!

At home, I don’t have cookies, cake, pizza, etc lying around, but when I go to work, it finds me!


This past weekend, there were cookies at a lecture during lunch, and then there were donuts on Sunday. I defiantly  wanted a few bites!

I decided instead to pop in a piece of gum, and read from my nook it did the trick! WAHOOO!!

gum wall

(I didn’t take the piece off this wall..haha)

Question for you:

What is your trick for staying away from certain foods?

How was your weekend?

Workin’ It

This whole weekend I have been working and Im SOOO glad I have the next two days off. And then next weekend I have a getaway!!!! YEA!!!

Today on the food front was SO much better. I still didn’t eat 100% paleo. but I made better choices when all I wanted was candy, junk, and soda

Breakfast: Coffee, Raisin bagel, and grapes

Lunch: Turkey burger on a arnolds thin w/ red pepper, spinach and ketchup. Sweet potato fries. Pudding w/ pecans

Snack: chocolate covered pretzels, greek yogurt

Dinner: pepper and hummus (REALLY wanted to eat dessert for dinner haha)

Calories: 1741 (450 calories from pretzels- damn)

Oh well. tomorrow its gym time and time to be by myself. And I have to get the house back in order 😦

Question for you:

What did you do this weekend?