Change of schedule

Today, I decided to reschedule my workout. After two hardcore workouts on Monday and Tuesday, my body was a wee bit sore. I decided an afternoon with Andrew was what I needed.

First, the morning started with two ingredient pancake from CarrotsnCake. (here are the secrets to the perfect one. SHHH)

I top mine with almond butter. YUM!

I had to rush, because my mom is having Thanksgiving and is now in a bit of back pain. So its me to the rescue! haha.

We made three pies, the green beans, and the cucumbers all before noon. Not too shabby

Andrew was off school at 12:30, so instead of a workout. We played basketball out in the alley.

Now, I didn’t get all crazy and sweaty like I would at the gym, but we got outside in the beautiful weather.

Here is the new schedule:

Tuesday: 9:00 Muscle works

Wednesday: 9:30 Drills to make you sweat basketball

Thursday: 10:00 YOGA! Muscle works at 9 or Yoga at 10.

Friday: 8:30 Butts and Guts

Saturday and Sunday: Rest days I work :(

And  my calories for the day:

Totals: 1,772 167 92 31

MUCH better than a few days ago. I’ll take it!

Question for you:

Do you get together with family or friends on the night before Thanksgiving?

-I know here in St Louis, it is very common to get together with friends the night before. In a few hours, I will be all dressed up to meet up with college friends.