nOiSeS of tHe NiGhT

OK I promise I didn’t fall into any hole, or run away or anything like that. (people in the NICU have seen me for the past two days at work)

I just moved!!!!! Yep moving day was last weekend, and I have no internet and cable 😦

BUT it will be hooked up on Tuesday- YEA!

Needless to say andrew and I have been watching A LOT of movies, his favorite (that we have watched THREE times already) is Ice Age. Good movie, after three times I can recite every word, yet he still wants to tell me what is coming next. It does make me laugh 🙂

After Andrew was sick Monday and Tuesday, he went to school Wednesday (when Iwas lucky able to talk to AT&T for an hour), and then I worked Thursday and Friday. BUT IM OFF THE WEEKEND!

You want to hear something funny though? (im sure you do)

I cant sleep at my house. I do eventually fall asleep. But not till 11 or 12 (which makes for an interesting 5:50 wake up call).

The reason: there are too many noises. haha. Yep.

I have always lived with a handful of other people (either in college with three other girls……those were the days haha. Or at home with my parents, son, and two brothers) Needless to say there was always a million people in the house or someone on the phone, or people talking, so I never heard the creaks and noises of the night hahahahaha.

Now I do.

So some suggestions from friends:

-get a dog (UM lets wait till we are settled first. and I have money again haha)

-get a gun (my friend at work actually says she has a big knife by her bed….dont really think that will be kid proofed for my son andrew haha. and I dont like guns. Even though I do know that did learn how to shot one for my 24th bday)

-Alarm system (did you not see the comment about $ haha)

– TV, fan, or music DONE (cheapest and most effective. Although I wont be able to hear anyone if they come up the stairs…….jk haha)

Question for yoU:

What do you do with the “noises of the night”? Or can you not hear them over other people/tv/music/kids?

~update: The next post will be my 150th. Weird. I didn’t realize I could talk that much haha~

Im sorry

Sorry Ive been gone the past few days!
I have been moving!!

Yep. Sunday was the official MOVE IN DAY! It was busy and I was EXHAUSTED after. But luckily I had my mom, dad, and younger brother helping me out. Bad news: I still dont have running water in the kitchen sink, it is leaking. Darn you sink!


There are also a few other things going on.

Andrew (my son) is sick. Yep he has missed the first TWO days of first grade!!! I think Im more upset than him 😉

He started with a fever on sunday. But that was the only symptom. Then on Monday he was perfectly fine. Running around like a manic kid , and I was thinking he should have gone to school.

Then Monday night. Fever again. Weird. Tuesday morning. No school. And no fever. 😦


Otherbad news. My house doesnt have internet or cable hooked up yet!

Needless to say. Andrew and I have been watching a lot of movies! But I promise to post pictures ASAP.

Right now Im at the folks house, doing my dishes and blogging haha

Well. hopefuly talk to you guys soon!

Question for you:

Did you go back to school or did your kids? Are you happy or sad?

-I am sad that andrew is starting first grade, but I need some “me time” and I know he wants time with his friends


Im not kidding. i am lost in many ways, but especially without my camera. I don’t even know what to post without pictures (because really who wants to read my post without some good pics? haha)

Anyway, I do have a silly video, but first thing is first. UPDATES

Most of these updates are stressing me out:

  • Moving THIS weekend!!! (finally) – This will be my FIRST time living by myself. EVER.
  • I still haven’t found my camera- a few more calls and emails tomorrow
  • I have no money- see every house post there is on here, then you will know why haha
  • In one week, I will get my blood drawn again- see why here
  • Ian and I are not going to be together- its a long story.

                                 I don’t even know where to start or how to say it, and several friends in the NICU have seen the tears, we don’t need to go into it. (basically he is the same guy that wants different things than me, and has different priorities. It still hurts ALOT. I am an optimist and I always try to see the good in people and thing positive. (sometimes I can be a negative nancy, but in the end I know everything works out) Ian and I have known eachother for 8 years now. I thought maybe he had grown up.Realized to put other people first. Unfortuantly that is not the case)

Being single stresses me out. Plain and simple. Not because I know I can’t do it. I have been doing it forever. I was the kid who always played house w/ a mom, dad, and a bunch of kids. I was ALWAYS the “mom” whenever I played with other kids. Heck. Im a nurse who takes care of babies ALL DAY. I love kids and wanted to have a million four.

Yes. I know I am only 26yrs old. But I saw myself in a very different place just a few years ago. So its been hard for me.

  • I was signed up for a triathlon this saturday and can’t do it- basically I haven’t been training either I have been too busy, tired, or lazy. I also dont want to squeeze my 30 extra lbs into my tri outfit. But Im still going to cheer on a few people I know
  • My to do list is long. I feel like Im being stretched in too many different ways
  • Moving. I know I said this one, but moving away from my parents. I KNOW. I KNOW. My mom and I bump heads A few times….here and there. BUT I will miss them. I also will have to get use to locking the doors (dad usually does this) cleaning everything (my mom and I do this) paying for everything (eek!) and it is going to be SOOOOO quiet (although andrew does make a good amount of noise haha. And burglars scare me!


  • I still have 80 emails in my inbox. haha THis one makes me laugh, but really having that many emails is not cool. When I told my friend Nicole this, she looked at me and said, “you know how many I have? 11,000!” hahah apparently she doesn’t check this email address

Ok. now im going to try and get this video to upload. its of Andrew trying to “surf” down the sand dune in Michigan

well off to bed-Goodnight!

Michigan Part II- THE HOUSE!

This is probably my favorite post about the vacation (see the first one here). The house was AMAZING!

THe bad thing about this post, all the pictures were taken with my camera and loaded to my mom’s computer before I lost it. Im still looking. I have called all over Frankfort, with no luck. Im still praying to Saint Anthony!!!



This is the back of the house

Which looks directly at the Frankfort Light  which was built in 1873

 and known previously as Frankfort North Breakwater lighthouse

The FIRST floor

THe living room

Through the door in the back, you walk into the “boat room”

(this is where we talking about Al Capone and the “ghosts”.

 the secret room is right below this and has an AMAZING view of the beach)

On the other side of the main floor: The kitchen. We only ate breakfast and the occasional lunch here

Then to the dining room, where we did eat our Mexican Fiesta because it was too windy outside.

It also leads straight to the deck!

And off this room, is the only main floor bathroom

Then up to the Second floor!

This was my parents room

Mine and Andrew’s room

Notice the really cool lamps? 😉

This is the bathroom we shared. Although I was the only one to use the bathtub

My aunt and uncle got the master bedroom, that has its own bathroom

(its actually HUGE. cant tell in the picture)

The third floor has four bedrooms and one bathroom

And last. But not least.

The front of the house.

The pictures do not do this amazing house justice. It is huge.

We had 12 people there, and you never felt crowded at all. Plenty of space for everyone (and their legos haha)

(there is also a basement that is 1/2 finished with a laundry room, bathroom, and 2nd frig (which held all the drinks haha))


I really wish I had my camera because I had pictures of  andrew dressed up on our “Mexican Fiesta” night. Hopefully the bookstore will have it when I call tomorrow…thinking positive. I also need to update you all on my “gap anxiety” and a few other things!

But now I have in comfy Pjs, with a glass of wine and going to read my book. Work again tomorrow!

Goodnight everyone!~

Question for you:

When you go out of town do you rent a house? get a condo? a hotel? or just wing it?

What is something going on in your life this week?

Michigan Part 1

Still no luck on the camera (I called almost all the stores so far that I went to in Michigan…no luck) Luckily, my mom takes 10X as many pictures as I do.

Last week, Andrew and I went on a family vacation with my mom, dad, brother, his girlfriend, my three cousins, and aunt and uncle. We stayed in an AMAZING house in Frankfort Michigan. We have gone there for many years, but not in the past 5. So I was so excited to get back up there!

The house pictures will have to come tomorrow (they deserve their own post). It is a three story house with 7 bedrooms, 5baths and is right on the beach. AND it use to be owned by Al Capone, the american ganster in the 1920s. THere is actually a hiden room and a section with bars on it. Needless to say, we talked about if there could possibly be ghosts there….but we didn’t hear or see anything.

I thought I would just show a MILLION pictures about what we did, and just give some captions.

Andrew swimming in the Platte River, which was warm and felt much better than the ice cold lake.

Me and andrew at the river, after a three mile hike on the beach. I was tired!

The river flows right into lake michigan. (river is on the bottom of the picture. lake at the top)

Family photo before going out to dinner

took a FEW photos at dinner

Yep. it was cold enough to wear a fleece jacket!

After dinner, we had a bonfire on the beach

And celebrated Melissa’s birthday (brothers gf) with cake!!

There were a few nights were we played games like Catch Phrase

The next day we took a boat ride on crystal lake and went swimming

We also took A LOT of family photos

Also went on a HILLY 26 MILE bike ride WHILE pulling andrew

well im off to bed. Ill have more pictures tomorrow!

Question for you:

In in your family takes the most pictures?

for me that would be a tie between my mom, and two uncles. but we always have a ton of pictures from each family event, which I love!


well its official Im back in St Louis….and sad Im not looking at this tonight


after traveling 10 hours yesterday in the car, unpacking, checking on my house, and jumping UP and DOWN for a good 20 minutes BECAUSE MY COUNTERTOP IS IN!!!!

……I then had to get ready for work today. I know. Working the day after you get back from vacation, not cool. But I have my reasons.

I hope to catch everyone up soon on the vaca- it was a blast! Only bad thing, I can’t find my camers 😦


Today I got some major sun!

My day started at 6:30 before everyone got up. I couldnt sleep. I was having a rough night and went to bed WAY before everyone else.  I actually REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to go for a run. I was feeling a little down in the dumps. So early in the AM I went for a 10 mile bike ride. It was perfect and exactly what I needed.

Andrew didnt get up till 830. this is how he started his morning

then we head to the beach……..

for 5 hours…..

I played cards with andrew, read my new book (LOVE IT) and had BBque for dinner.

Then it was time for dessert!




and this is how I ended my night.

I am having a MUCH better day. Its amazing how crabby and sad I can be if I dont work out or do something active!

The food I ate, MAY be a different story. But I burned 500 calories on my bike ride!

Question for you:

Do you get crabby when you don’t exercise?

We made it!

After TWO a million days driving, we finally made it to the beach!

This is how my morning started : banana PB oatmeal and a pancake. And LOTS of coffee

Andrew got to swim, while we waiting for my brother and his gf to meet up with us (they left St Louis last night)

Insert trip to the Gap outlet. Yes. another Gap. where im pretty sure I had a mental break down. (but that can wait)

Then it was taco bell time, and hitting the road! But before we could get to the beach we had one stop.

we all went for a ride on the sand dunes. It was fun, andrew loved it and got to sit by the driver

Ok. I lied. We had one more stop (this tends to happen with my family haha)

we pulled over at the lookout for some pictures


Man I look good after two days in a car!


Thats 108 steps, if you wanted to know

Then it was finally time to get into town, unpack the car, get groceries, and get dinner. But andrew and I had to get to the lake ASAP!

thats probably my favorite picture 🙂

After getting the very tired crabby kiddo to bed, I got into this

 and started my new book “on mystic lake”

Appropriate?!?! I think so too- NIGHT!



endless driving

Yesterday, we got the whole car packed up and ready to go!

We had an estimated time of leaving set at 8am. We ended up leaving at 845. Not bad for us haha

About 30 minutes later my mom says “This isn’t good. I haven’t yet remembered anything I forgot” hahaha Love her

We only had to stop once for a quick potty break, and then stopped again around 1 for lunch. Subway of course. and my GPS for this little park !

Of course my mom had to say “we are having moments in Momence”. OH LORDY

The park wasn’t too much, nothing for andrew to play on, but perfect for a picnic

Of course, we had to take some photos….


Insert more driving……and a stop at the Lighthouse Outlet Mall.

Can you see some of my family

They are right in the middle, sitting down.

After 8 hours of driving, we finally go to the hotel. And only ONE stressful incident when my mom yelled at me for trying to pass a car on a two lane highway. (this makes her EXTREMELY nervous)

The hotel wasn’t anything fancy, and the hallway was dark!

Time for dinner and then BED! I went to bed 9:30 st louis time! I did all the driving, so im beat!


Question for you:

where do you eat when you go on vacation?

(busy) ME DAY

Only I would have a busy “me day”, instead of taking a day of rest. I did do some fun stuff though!


  • Pack for vacation (we leave saturday!)
  • return books at the library
  • Get school stuff for andrew
  • Visit grandma
  • Massage
  • Grocery shopping for car ride
  • Pedicure
  • Bike ride (maybe…)
  • Sleep in (if Im lucky)
  • Dinner with friends
  • Old Navy for school clothes
  • Pool

out of 12 not too shabby. I didn’t want to buy school supplies w/out andrew. I always remember how fun it was! And the bike ride and pool got cancelled due to rain- BOOOO


Morning started off with an awesome/easy breakfast

then to my new house, library, and massage! It was wonderful. Exactly what I needed- thank you groupon!

Next up, visiting old navy (if you buy $20 worth of stuff you get $10 to spend next week- SWEET!).

Then to my grandma’s and finally home for lunch!

(yougurt, blueberries, apples, and fiber one cereal)

Then a pedicure with my mom. It was fun to do this with her, and love the color!

Finally, the moment I was waiting for ALLLL day!

I got to pick up this lil guy!



Isnt he adorable? haha;-)

Home just in time to get ready for dinner.


(sorry weird angle. my brother’s gf was sitting when she took it)

My brother called me Barbie, not sure why. I didnt have any pink on haha (for once)

My friends and I were meeting up to celebrate one last time with Katie, who is moving to D.C. to do travel nursing.

She is HILARIOUS.  I will miss her. Its only for 13 weeks, but she might go somewhere else after that!

But the night was still young, at 1030, I went to the grocery store.

yep. no joke

 needed snacks for the car ride

and finally packing ( I think I put it off LONG enough)

this is only part of it………

Question for you:

Do you like packing?

– I love it! I can actually pack very quickly

What is your favorite car ride snack?

-My family doenst go anywhere with out licorice and peanut butter M&Ms. YUM