Sweet and salty

After four 12 hour shifts, and not sleeping because of the break in, I was SOOOOO excited to sleep in till 9am. Can you imagine when I used to sleep in till noon. Those days seem so long ago…..

Then it was time for breakfast and a long bike ride!

First, I had to take my guard dog home


It felt great to get outside, and even though my legs were super tired, I was so happy to have a day off

The rest of the day was all about relaxing, and then Andrew was home!

He has been gone for the past few days with his dad, and I have greatly missed him.

Now its time for some popcorn, wine, and Harry Potter 🙂


Question for you:

What is one thing you do to relax?

Parties galore

Today, was just one of those days with lots on the calendar. Andrew and I started it off by cuddling, breakfast, and then a 1/2 hour of tennis at the park.

We didn’t have much time, before he went with my dad and the ladies of the family headed to my sister in laws baby shower

Did I mention she is having twins? One boy, and one girl? (probably a time or two haha)


There was a cupcake station, with all the pink and blue sprinkles you could imagine! (I was in heaven)


My nephew was there to help with the presents. he is going to be a big brother in just three months!

IMG_1918 IMG_1919And he says I make a goofy face haha


Our next get together, was for a ten year olds birthday party. They invited this guy.


He started with snakes…..


Then Andrew got to pet this guy…


And then had him on his head!!! haha



Finally, our day ended at Andrew’s baseball game. Where I enjoyed a nice glass of wine 😉

my friend chrissy pouring me a "glass"
my friend chrissy pouring me a “glass”

Well after that carb fun filled day, I am ready for bed. Yep, it is only 8:30 haha

Question for you:

Snakes, like or hate them?

How is your weekend?


Errands and new TJ finds

The beginning of the week was all about work. And today, I felt like I was hit by a bus (again).

No time to dwell, its time to get moving ! Lots to do: party to plan, food to buy, and house to clean

Do you see what I mean?


No. Andrew is not hidden under there haha

I headed to HObby Lobby, the Dollar store, Sam’s, and Trader Joe’s


Just the stuff from TJs


I found some new things to try!


Later Andrew took my picture.


He said pick up the wine. Maybe he will be a photographer? haha

It might not look like it, but I was gone from 10am to 1:30pm running errands. I was beat.

Question for you:

Which stores do you visit each week?

I survived

Well. It’s official. I survived my six 12 hour shifts in the NICU.


Unfortuantly, it wasn’t that great and included several difficult days. First, with the babies, and then with the rest of this week.

To lift my spirits, pizza and wine with ALL of Andrew’s pumpkins haha

I hope ALL my blogging buddies and their families are ok on the East Coast. Here in the NICU, we were talking about how they had to evacuate their NICU babies. I can’t imagine!

Question for you:

Red or white wine?

What are you doing for Halloween?

Challenge Day #2

So today was AS good as yesterday. I did go to the gym and run 3 miles on the treadmill and then hit the weights. I have been working on bumping up the weights, So far So good!

My food choices today, were great until about 5pm when I had this huge migraine and we had to go to boyscouts for Andrew. OH YEA. A bunch of screaming kids. It didn’t help.

Afterwards, I enjoyed a sip of wine and now I am heading to bed.

Although, I did make a great new recipe for dinner

I also got to share this cookie w/ Andrew, because we wont’ be together on St Patty’s Day 😦

Question for you:

Wine or beer?

What are you doing for st pats day?

La Playa wine fixes everything

Our Friday started out by getting Andrew to school, and then I headed to the gym. I ran on the treadmill for 35 minutes, then hit the weights for 30 minutes.

I also solved the mystery of the buff man’s workout. For the past two weeks, I have been going to the gym around 11. And there is an EXTREMELY buff young man who really doesn’t work out. He will do a few reps, then walk around. Then Repeat. Well today I realized he gets there at 8am and is still there at 11. (who has time for that!?!? haha)

Afterwards, my dad changed the oil in my car. While I sipped on coffee, w/ a hint of gooey butter cake from the gas station. I kept myself busy by reading my new book- I’m almost done!

I also noticed that my mom had put this quote on the refrigerator.

It is from The Help. We both watched the movie (I read the book as well. VERY GOOD read if you are looking for one. And the movie wasn’t bad) And it is placed by a good looking fellow 🙂

The rest of the day was spent w/ Andrew and my nephew. Then my sister in law came over, we went to dinner, and drank some wine.

Appropriate? I think so. I defiantly needed to have someone to hang out w/, things have been a little rough.

Anyway, time for bed. a busy weekend ahead!

Question for you:
How was your friday?

What are you doing this weekend? Are you celebrating Mardi Gras?

End on a positive note, w/ a joke

Today started out with a GREAT day off work. Instead of going back to bed, after taking Andrew to school, I headed straight to the gym (best decision of the day!)

But first we made apple cinnamon oatmeal because it was in the 40s here! Even Andrew wanted this (instead of his usually cereal..blah)

I also had a pumpkinspice coffee. The first was good, but the next tasted really watery, not sure why

i did 2 miles of intervals and then 2 miles of inclines. Nice and sweaty

Home for a shower and off to run some errands! It was time to get things checked off the TO DO LIST and find a brown dress for my halloween costume!

Target for groceries and odds and ends. I picked out a wedding card.


This weekend, my son will be going to a wedding for his uncle on his dad’s side. I have been very emotional, crying at songs and for no reasons what so ever. This may seem weird. You might think- Kristen. You guys aren’t together. Why would you so emotonal.

Well. These people were at one time going to be my family. I gave them my heart. And when you break up with someone, you also lose their family. So when events like this come up, my heart still says- You should be there, but you’re not.

Its very hard for me, and probably will be for some time to come (yes we have been separated for 2 years, but tried again this summer)

ANYWHO. today I also found out that Ian (my son’s dad) will be taking a girl with him to the wedding. But hey. I only cried about three times today- thats progress haha

so picking out a wedding card was hard. I think I stood there for 5 minutes before I even looked

 I eventually got one, hit up Marshalls, Goodwill, Kohls, Bed Bath and Beyond, and finally Walmart. Where I found my halloween dress for 9 BUCKS!

I also found a fuel belt for 7 bucks at Marshalls!!!!!!!!

 I was so excited! And then I munched on the whole bag of this!

Of course dinner was the highlight of the day with acorn squash. recipe to come tomorrow!

 So. I didn’t eat AS MUCH as I could have, but I did ok. But for dinner I wanted a glass of wine (just one of the days)

Well….I don’t have a bottle opener. BUMMER!


But dont worry, I found another bottle

 And then I spilled my glass……

Insert  deep breath, and a refill (of more wine haha)

And dessert while watching Ghost Adventures


To brighten my day, I watched Ellen

Joke of the day from Ellen:

Why couldn’t the pony sing?

Because he was a little horse!

haha I had to laugh- LOVE ellen!


What isyour favorite joke?

family is addicted

Its true. My WHOLE family is addicted to the peanut butter banana bread. Its almost gone!

Breakfast: egg/egg white omlet, banana bread, and half a banana

My son with his, and then he had seconds! (I love when people ask for seconds!)

My son and I really didnt do much today. My car is in the shop…and after 400 bucks I have it back (damn) later this afternoon when we walked to get it after lunch

We then played baseball till his dad picked him up. They are going to his home town till saturday. So needless to say, Im  bored. Cranky. and it is REALLY quiet. Really….Listen….NOTHING!

Ok so after he left I snacked on some almonds, laid down for 30 minutes then went to dinner with my mom. (after eating more banana bread. I swear this stuff is addicting!)

We of course went to Joey B’s on the hill. I got the same salad as last time (spinach chicken) and shared dominated the spinach articoke dip.

after eating way too much. I got home and changed right into my workout gear and went to the gym.
I started off with the bike and got in a sweaty 40 minutes or so. Burning 500 calories! YEA!

I also did a few weights, and then I wanted to run. I wanted to get on the treadmill. (WHO IS THIS GIRL?)

But after a minute, my knee was not having it. I thought giving it a few days break, it would work itself out. But no go.

After a shower and a glass of wine, its time for bed.

Question for yoU:
1.) What do you think is going on with my knee?


new obsession and ANDREW’S HOME!

Yep. Its true. Im obsessed

OHHH well at least its good (delicious and good for my bod! haha)

After breakfast, I got on my bike again. A good 11mile bike ride around the park. It was perfect!

Then I got a text- ANDREW IS 30 MINUTES OUT OF ST LOUIS!!!! Better hurry!

shower, did end up grabbing a cookie

or two…..but it looks better when I take it next to my HUGE glass of water…Right?!?!

After picking up my lil guy

halloween 2008

Time for lunch! I ate my dessert first…………..with a million cookies then the main meal

Pork tenderloin sandwich with peppers, shredded cheddar and ketchup! YUM

with my mom’s dancing flower

My son and I then watched the Sandlot. It was exhausted and almost fell asleep on the car ride home AT TWO IN THE AFTERNOON! AFter several hours of playing with harry potter legos it was time for bed!

I enjoyed my “ME TIME” with  french bread, and wine

I usually dont drink on just a regular monday night, but I felt like it

UPDATE: I few days ago I mentioned that my son’s dad and I were talking again. Just about the past and how we still care about each other. Well we haven’t talked about it since. BUT we are getting a long SOOO much better. Who knows what will happen, but I love that everyone is getting along

Question for you:

Do you drink? Do you prefer beer, wine, or the hard stuff?

– Im usually a beer gal, but wine is nice as well. I tend to stay away from the hard stuff.  (thats when trouble starts haha)